All Red and Blue Denim Hot Cherry® Pillows!

Nothing says American like denim, except maybe cherry pie? Hot Cherry brand has taken the by-product of the Michigan tart cherry crop, “the cherry pits,” and repurposed them into soothing therapeutic pillows. We sew our pillows in 100% cotton denim, that’s been dyed with natural dyes, made from macadamia tree bark and indigo. To celebrate our new website and it’s seamless connection to Amazon, we’re offering our loyal customers red and blue denim pillows at earth-shaking prices!

Offer is good from now through Labor Day!

Who wants a hot pillow in the middle of summer, you might ask? Just think of summer fun, sports and adventures, that sometimes involve over-exerted muscles, and fatigue. At the end of a long day of fun, relax those tired muscles with moist heat applications that melt your tension away and get you ready for deep sleep. Then you can wake up, and do it all over again tomorrow.

Sleeping with an air conditioner can get chilly, and who can sleep if they’re shivering cold in the middle of summer? Just heat a Hot Cherry pillow in the microwave and have a lovely warm bed buddy to cuddle.

Hot Cherry pillows aren’t only for heat applications, but for cold compresses as well. Always keep a couple of Hot Cherry pillows in the freezer, so you have a cold pack ready for summer’s little bumps and twists. Better than frozen peas because it doesn’t get wet or soggy, and it never “burns cold” like an ice pack. Just apply the pillow directly to sprained knee or ankle, wrap in a towel and elevate. The gentle coldness of the cherry pit cold pack will surround the joint, helping to keep swelling down.

If the weather is sizzling hot at night, and you can’t get the kids to sleep, try giving them a cold cherry pillow to cuddle. Who knew a Hot Cherry pillow could be so cool!

Nothing is worse than a hot flash during a heat wave! Try a chilled Hot Cherry pillow to cool you down in a flash! Place one on your chest, forehead, back, or anywhere your body beckons. Hot Cherry pillows can really rescue a hot mama!

Red or blue, heated or chilled, Hot Cherry® pillows are America’s good ‘ole home remedy for just-about-whatever ails you.

Hurry while supplies last!

July 03, 2017 by J'Nelle Holland

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