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Double & Triple Hot Cherry Pillows

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for a family. However, the arduous physical and hormonal changes can be immensely daunting for an expecting mom and can take a toll on her mental and emotional health. From constant back pains, leg aches, headaches, and all-over body pain, moms-to-be are made to go through it all until delivery.

Whether you are thinking of planning to give someone something for Mother’s Day, baby shower, or simply express your care towards them through a gift, the ideal present would be something that benefits them.

Made from the cherry pits of Michigan Montmorency tart cherries, cleaned and dried with a chemical-free patented process, wrapped in 100% natural-dyed cotton denim, Hot Cherry Pillows are a gift of much-needed relief for every expectant mother.


Enclosing sustainable cherry pits in natural-dyed, chemical-free cotton denim covers; the double and triple pillow sizes are exquisitely designed for expecting moms to offer pain-relieving coverage of large areas, for comfort from the pains and physical challenges of pregnancy. These pillows are microwaveable, machine washable and easy-to-warm that can be used in various parts of the body to ease and take the edge off of any pain.



The Hot Cherry Pillows warm chilly bedsheets or can be used chilled for the opposite effect. Apart from offering highly effective hot or cold therapy, the sweet aroma from the warmed cherry pits also seems effective in helping Little Mother drift off to sleep for a nap or for the night.

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2. EASES LOWER BACK PAINS-with the Double Square

Pregnancy mainly puts a lot of stress on the lower back and hip muscles. The pull of the added baby weight challenges the lower body area to stretch its muscles completely to its limits. Treatment with a warmed Double Square pillow across the lower back aids in relieving the stress through its moist, penetrating heat. It softens and soothes, lowers the pain intensity, and takes the strain off the overworked muscles, allowing them to relax.

3. SMART DESIGN- of the Triple Square

The Triple Square pillow is particularly designed to offer the benefits of Hot Cherry Pillows for expecting moms. Ideal for warming larger areas in bed, these pillows can be used as a body pillow, wrapped around the lower hips, along the legs or between the knees. Its shape offers an immense variety of support with heat therapy to soothes different body parts.


Unlike the dry heat of heating pads, the moist penetrating heat, of Hot Cherry Pillows, comforts the body and also releases a sweet, aromatic smell like a good ‘ol cherry pie.  It’s a form of relaxing aroma therapy, as well as physical therapy.

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Here’s what one of our customers, a midwife, had to say about our hot cherry pillows:

“These pillows have been fantastic to use in labors and births. When a baby is posterior, it helps to put a warm pillow on her belly and cold at her back, and the baby moves toward the heat and turns around. Also, when women have back pains during labor, putting one of these on the aching sacrum helps relieve that discomfort.

And after a long birth and feeling the hours of work in my own body, I come home and crawl into bed with a couple of Hot Cherry Pillows that help me relax, melt away the tension, and fall asleep.”

Mary Jackson, RN - Midwife

So, without waiting, give your loved one who’s expecting a gift of relief and love with our Double and Triple cherry-pit-filled body pillows.  A Hot Cherry Pillows can be a big hit at baby showers; warm it up and pass it around and everyone will be wanting one! You can be sure that your gift to the new mom-to-be will be one that is well-used and loved!

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