What is a hot cherry pillow?

What is a hot cherry pillow?

Just about everybody has heard about microwavable pain relievers like buckwheat pillows, or socks filled with rice, corn, flax or other herbal pillows. However, few people in America have heard about cherry pit pillows. They are, in fact, a Swiss tradition. Foundry workers of ole used heated cherry pit sacks to ease their sore muscles after long days at hard physical work.
October 05, 2018 by J'Nelle Holland
Labor Day and Pregnant Moms

Labor Day and Pregnant Moms

Labor Day is here for everyone, and just around the corner for some moms-to-be. Make sure that your favorite expecting mom is comfortable with an assortment of Hot Cherry pillows. Hot Cherry pillows make excellent baby shower gifts, and several sizes will give the new mom various ways to relax and sleep comfortably.

August 30, 2018 by J'Nelle Holland
Baby Your Mother

Baby Your Mother

Your customers, like you, are looking for that perfect gift to honor Mother on her special Day! Think like they do…. and offer them Hot Cherry® pillows–– the gift that every mother will love to get and use!

Baby Your MOTHER, like she babied YOU!

May 04, 2018 by J'Nelle Holland
Caring for Your Hot Cherry Pillows

Caring for Your Hot Cherry Pillows

One thing I just love about Hot Cherry pillows is that they’re completely washable. Unlike rice, corn, buckwheat or other herbal pillows–– if they get wet, they will potentially grow mold––Hot Cherry pit pillows will never mold. The woody pits inside can be thoroughly washed and dried in household machines.

If you’ve been using your pillows regularly, after a while they loose that lovely fresh cherry pastry smell. You should know that every time you use a microwave to warm your Hot Cherry pillow it is sanitized, so it may not need a washing for a long time. But after many nights of warming feet, or even if you share your pillow with your favorite furry friend, eventually your Hot Cherry pillows will need to be washed.

One thing you must make sure of before you wash it is that there are no burn or scorch holes in your pillows. This can happen if your microwave turntable is not functioning as it should by making full rotations (see previous blog entry, Best Use of a Microwave, Ever). Even a little scorched spot will weaken the fabric and when it gets washed, could create a hole for the pits to escape. We absolutely don’t want you to open your washer or dryer and discover there are little pits everywhere. When you have determined that your pillow is in tact, inspected the seams and the surfaces, then you’re ready to put it in the washer.

You might want to wash the red ultra suede pillows among dark clothes, just in case that red dye might have some bleed. We have made an effort to obtain the best quality fabric, but at extremely high temperatures, we have found some bleeding. (Red dyes are notoriously unstable.) Please use cold water to wash, and choose the gentle or delicate cycle. Our natural-dyed denim is thoroughly washed after dying, so there’s no problem there.

If it’s a small pillow in a large load, your pillow will clean nicely among clothing or linens. If you have several large pillows, like I recently did, then care must be taken to lay the pillows around the bottom of the washing machine in order to distribute the weight evenly. Then set it to cold water and delicate cycle. If you have a front-loading machine, nothing special is needed.

I have found that you can easily dry them flat, on top of the dryer. Turn them over after a while and soon they’re good to go. Be sure not to put them away in a cabinet when they are still wet. You may place them in the sun or hang them on the line.

For drying in a dryer, again inspect your pillows to make sure all is strong, then toss them in with some big towels to protect them and lesson the fall. We use a couple of our big terry cloth bathrobes, for helping to dry our pillows. You might hear some unusual banging as the pillows hit the dryer sides, but don’t worry I’ve dried hundreds of them and they will be fine. It only takes a few minutes, so check frequently. When they’re dry, they smell fresh and sweet again.

A note on “breaking” in your pillows: after washing and drying and even just after lots of use, you will find that the crunchiness of the new pillow’s contents has changed. After a while of tumbling against each other, the pits tend to round off their edges, and become round little balls. That’s when the pillows are “broken in” and the whole pillow experience is softer and rounder. They seem to roll around and mold easier around joints and muscles. We love them when they’re old and “broken in”!

We sincerely hope that all of our customers enjoy their Hot Cherry pillows as much as our family does. We love our Hot Cherry pillows! And, we’d love to hear from you, especially if you have found some unusual uses for your Hot Cherry pillows. Photos and a little description just might make headlines in upcoming blogs!

April 04, 2018 by J'Nelle Holland
3 Most Unusual Ways to use Hot Cherry® pillows

3 Most Unusual Ways to use Hot Cherry® pillows

Many of our “Hot Cherry Lovers” have reported to us some very unusual ways that they use our pillows. Most people benefit from using them to stay warm in bed, to relieve muscle pain, and others like to use them cold, to relieve fever, headaches and inflammation.

I thought you might like to hear of a few very unusual ways that Hot Cherry pillows are being used by our customers.

Perhaps you’ve read one of our reviews about the young mother with two screaming little boys that got into an argument and were inconsolable. She put a warm Hot Cherry pillow on her son’s feet and he immediately stopped screaming and became unusually polite. “Thank you Mommy”. The other boy asked for one too, and the fit was over. So calming kids drama and trauma with Hot Cherry pillows became a new Mommy’s little helper.

One of our customers reports that she uses her triple square pillow as a tub backrest. Because our Hot Cherry pillows are completely washable, they can be used in the bathtub! “The cast iron tub is always so cold that I hate to lean back on it.” So while the tub is filling, she heats up a Hot Cherry pillow and lays it on the sloping back of the tub. Now leaning back is warm and the pits move into a shape that cradles her back in warmth. That’s pretty ingenious, don’t you think?

But the most unusual use that we’ve heard of is using Hot Cherry pillows as flotation pillows in a swimming pool during Watsu treatments. If you’re not familiar with this type of healing modality, Watsu is a combination of water and massage (water-shiatsu). Relaxing in a floating position with a Hot Cherry pillow under your head gives you just enough support to feel confident about relaxing and floating.

It was in a swimming pool that we realized that Hot Cherry pillows actually float! Perhaps because the pits are hollow, and the ultra suede fabric is so tightly woven, that Hot Cherry pillows have become an unofficial floatation device. Not that we recommend them to be used this way, in fact, we do not. (Our insurance company would surely object.) It is in fact, the most unusual use we’d come across.

If you have discovered an unusual use of Hot Cherry pillows that you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you. But remember, any other way than the recommended use and care that is written in our instructions, is done at your own risk. Be safe and take caution, and enjoy your Hot Cherry pillows your favorite way, everyday.

March 15, 2018 by J'Nelle Holland
Free Shipping for VALENTINE’S DAY

Free Shipping for VALENTINE’S DAY

Hot Cherry pillows for Valentine lovers,

Are the best kept secret under the covers!

If you want to really warm the heart of your lover, you’ll give at least one Hot Cherry pillow for Valentine’s Day. They’re not just for the heart or tummy, how about those cold feet? If you run on the hot side, then chill your Hot Cherry pillows in the freezer, and enjoy a cool-down wherever you are. We can solve these problems and many more with our pillows that help everybody feel better.

And Hot Cherry pillows are not only for your lover, but what about your mother, daughter or another? Show them all that you really care, by warming their hearts in an unusual way. They will surely remember you while they’re cuddling up to the warmth and coziness of Hot Cherry pillows, the Best Valentine’s Gift ever.

And you can enjoy a big savings, now till Valentine’s Day, because we’re offering Free Shipping! Apply code FREESHIPPING at checkout

January 21, 2018 by J'Nelle Holland
Aches and Pains? Hot Cherry® Pillows to the Rescue!

Aches and Pains? Hot Cherry® Pillows to the Rescue!


Whether your pain is acute, as in it just happened, or chronic because it’s been aching a long time, Hot Cherry pillows can soothe and relieve your pain in a matter of minutes. There’s a Hot Cherry size that perfect for every part of the body, and six sizes to choose from.

Everyone knows that moist heat is good for sinus pain. Just heat up a Hot Cherry Eye Pillow and place it across eyes and the bridge of the nose, and the moist penetrating heat opens blocked passages and relieves the pain caused by this constriction. That same moist heat is known to relieve headaches and TMJ pain. And if your headache or fever is relieved with a cold compress, then get out that Hot Cherry eye pillow that you’ve kept in the freezer for immediate cooling relief.

Neck pain it probably the most common pain in modern times. Sleeping on a thick pillow, or tilting the head forward while reading, working on the computer, or texting, straightens out the natural curve of the cervical spine. Our new, chiropractor recommended, Cervical Neck Pillow is designed especially to address this common problem. Use it in bed, or when traveling, to begin the process of restoring the natural “banana curve” of the cervical neck. We have a video on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U_N1dYTDVg that explains the “why and how” to use our cervical neck pillow while you sleep on your back. If you have chronic neck pain, try this specially designed pillow hot, cold or room temperature.

If your neck pain is a result of sitting with your shoulders hunched, you might try our small Neck Wrap. With two pounds of cherry pits soothing your shoulders, you will naturally relax them; letting them drop down to ease the tension. The weight helps you focus on your posture, and the warmth of penetrating moist heat relaxes tense muscles, relieving tightness between the neck and back.

Lower back pain can be debilitating. Whether you’re standing over a worktable or working in the garden, overused muscles scream for relief. That’s when our Double Square pillow is perfect for relaxing sore, tight muscles due to strain and tension of everyday use. Just heat up a big double square pillow and lean back and relax. The moist penetrating heat relieves the tightness and brings instant “Ahhs”.

Hot Cherry pillows will keep delivering heat for a good twenty minutes or more. Then if you need to, get up, move around, and while you’re reheating your Hot Cherry, do a little stretching, then relax with your Hot Cherry some more. This routine is also great for any use of Hot Cherry pillows, because moist heat and movement are recommended for most kinds of pain, especially arthritis pain!

Women and girls who suffer from the monthly pain of menstruation, will find that the Hot Cherry Square pillow is the best little friend you can have. It fits perfectly in small microwaves, like they have in dorm rooms, and heats up quickly to relieve cramps by sending penetrating moist heat to relax muscles, and increase circulation and blood flow to tummy and back. With a square on the abdomen and a double square on the back, relief is sweet.

When sleeping with leg or foot pain, caused by either poor circulation or diagnosed as neuropathy, Hot Cherry pillows can be a godsend. Our Triple Square body pillow is perfect for placing under one or both legs. The 28” in length delivers that moist heat that increases circulation and eases aches and pains. Hot Cherry pillows can solve the problem of neuropathy pain by surrounding cold numb feet, increasing circulation thus relieving the pain, and allowing you to get a good nights sleep.

And perhaps the worse pain of all is the pain in the heart from the loss of a loved one. The empty side of the bed is an awful reminder of the once present partner. Hot Cherry body pillows, double or triple can help warm and comfort, at a time when the heart yearns for something to hug.

Don’t just take our word for the relief and comfort that Hot Cherry pillows can provide. Read what our customers have said about how our pillows have relieved their aches and pains:


Square                                                                                                                                             "I used the “Hot Cherry” pit pillow on my chest when I had an asthma attack. The moist penetrating heat comforted me and when I woke the next day, I had none of the symptoms I usually have after an attack. The tightness and soreness that usually keeps me in bed a couple extra hours the morning after an asthma attack seemed to be gone, and I was able to go about my normal day."                                                                                                                     Hannah, Asthma Sufferer

Double Square

“Last week I tweaked my back badly. 
I visited my chiropractor; soaked in the hot tub; used far-infrared heat in the sauna; applied creams; took pills & potions. I even had my sweetheart rub my back - but it was the moist heat of a Hot Cherry Therapeutic pillow on my lower back that provided the relief I craved! It eased the pain while giving comfort and healing. Amazing! True story - thanks Hot Cherry!”

Bridget F

Triple Square                                                                                                                                          "My husband is a diabetic, and as a result of the disease, would often experience neuropathy of his big toe during the night which was extremely painful and would keep him from being able to sleep. We have discovered that by using a Hot Cherry therapeutic pillow which is warmed slightly in a microwave and placed down by his feet, he no longer experiences sleepless, painful nights."               Harriet K. RN

Cervical Neck Pillow

“This cherry pillow is the best solution to aiding a healing reverse curve in my neck. I religiously go to the chiropractor and use a Demerol. The cherry pillow smells wonderful and the moist heat is so therapeutic! The shape and the flexible nature of the cherry pits fits beautifully in the exact spot I need support. Most traditional pillows are just too thick and don't offer the support I need. This is great! I will use it again & again!”

JD Amazon customer

Neck Wrap

“I’m at my computer for long hours, and the Hot Cherry neck wrap is such a relief. It lowers my shoulders with the warmth and weight, and brings my attention to my posture. Great product.”   PA Prof

Eye Pillow                                                                                                                                  Great relief for dry eyes!                                                                                                                   Brenin



October 24, 2017 by J'Nelle Holland

Hot Cherry Pillows Summer Sale! 25% off

All Red and Blue Denim Hot Cherry® Pillows!

Nothing says American like denim, except maybe cherry pie? Hot Cherry brand has taken the by-product of the Michigan tart cherry crop, “the cherry pits,” and repurposed them into soothing therapeutic pillows. We sew our pillows in 100% cotton denim, that’s been dyed with natural dyes, made from macadamia tree bark and indigo. To celebrate our new website and it’s seamless connection to Amazon, we’re offering our loyal customers red and blue denim pillows at earth-shaking prices!

Offer is good from now through Labor Day!

Who wants a hot pillow in the middle of summer, you might ask? Just think of summer fun, sports and adventures, that sometimes involve over-exerted muscles, and fatigue. At the end of a long day of fun, relax those tired muscles with moist heat applications that melt your tension away and get you ready for deep sleep. Then you can wake up, and do it all over again tomorrow.

Sleeping with an air conditioner can get chilly, and who can sleep if they’re shivering cold in the middle of summer? Just heat a Hot Cherry pillow in the microwave and have a lovely warm bed buddy to cuddle.

Hot Cherry pillows aren’t only for heat applications, but for cold compresses as well. Always keep a couple of Hot Cherry pillows in the freezer, so you have a cold pack ready for summer’s little bumps and twists. Better than frozen peas because it doesn’t get wet or soggy, and it never “burns cold” like an ice pack. Just apply the pillow directly to sprained knee or ankle, wrap in a towel and elevate. The gentle coldness of the cherry pit cold pack will surround the joint, helping to keep swelling down.

If the weather is sizzling hot at night, and you can’t get the kids to sleep, try giving them a cold cherry pillow to cuddle. Who knew a Hot Cherry pillow could be so cool!

Nothing is worse than a hot flash during a heat wave! Try a chilled Hot Cherry pillow to cool you down in a flash! Place one on your chest, forehead, back, or anywhere your body beckons. Hot Cherry pillows can really rescue a hot mama!

Red or blue, heated or chilled, Hot Cherry® pillows are America’s good ‘ole home remedy for just-about-whatever ails you.

Hurry while supplies last!

July 03, 2017 by J'Nelle Holland

Best Use of a Microwave, Ever!

If someone would have told me 10 years ago that making my fortune would involve a microwave, I’d have told them, “Not possible!”

I resisted even getting a microwave for years until my teenaged son insisted that he would absolutely die without frozen burritos for an after-school snack. We all know that cooking food in a microwave destroys food nutritional value. The super high temperature that heats by sending microwaves into food, and kills bacteria in sponges in 20 seconds, can’t possibly be good for you.

But hold on. One of my first assistants in the business happened to be the granddaughter of the man who invented microwaves for the space industry. I took another look at the heating potential of the microwave and decided to swallow my pride and embrace the microwave for what it is, a tool to provide heat.

Whether you use your microwave for heating frozen burritos for starving teens, or just to clean sponges, it’s a fact that 90% of households have microwave ovens in their kitchens.

Hot Cherry Pillow to Warm Your Feet in BedI started this business because I have cold feet. When my feet are cold, I can’t relax, and if I can’t relax, I can’t go to sleep. It’s that simple. So when I discovered a cherry pit pillow from England, I fell in love with the soothing comfort and instant heat that the cherry pit pillow provides, when heated in a microwave oven in just a couple of minutes. 

And yes, you can use other methods for warming them. Tradition has it that the Swiss foundry workers first used cherry pit packs to relieve their painful muscles. A friend of mine who grew up in Switzerland recalls her grandmother having a door on the side of her wood-burning stove where she kept sacks of cherry pits. After dinner, she would place them in the beds, under down comforters to keep the family warm on cold Swiss nights.

Cherry pit pillows have been known to be heated on hearths, radiators and the tops of wood-burning stoves, but we don’t advise that unless you’re willing to experiment at your own risk––or at the risk of scorching and burning the pillows.

However, if you’re a die-hard “will not buy a microwave” kind of person, we have come up with a safe plan to warm them in a conventional oven. It’s easy: preheat oven to 500 degrees. Place your Hot Cherry pillow in a glass baking dish. Open oven, position baking dish on the center rack, close door and turn off oven. You would never want to have the cloth pillow in an oven with an open flame, or electric element. While the oven is cooling down, the cherry pit pillow is heating up, approximately 20 minutes. You may have to experiment with the time and temperature because ovens have different insulation. But you can heat Hot Cherry pillows in your conventional oven. (insert photo)

Some Hot Cherry customers who don’t want a microwave in their kitchen, have their microwave ovens in the laundry room. Now, that’s a fresh idea!

If you’re considering buying a microwave, look into the flatbed type. No turntable and the microwaves come from rotating beams below the surface. They were popular when microwaves first came out, then the style disappeared replaced by the rotating carousel. But for our purposes of only using the microwave for heating Hot Cherry pillows, the flatbed is the best. You don’t need to be careful about where you place the pillow.  We recommend the Amana RMS10DS Stainless Steel Commercial Microwave with dial controls; very simple version, just perfect for warming Hot Cherry pillows. 

With regular turntable/carousel type microwave ovens, you must be sure that the pillow is in the center of the microwave. If they extend over the turntable, then the pillow could brush up against the wall and stop the rotation. Or it could cause the turntable to slip to the side. In either case, the microwave beams down on the same spot over and over and can cause a burn hole in the fabric, or worse yet, a fire in the microwave! So please be careful when heating Hot Cherry pillows.

Follow instructions, adjust when needed, and enjoy the instant relaxation of the moist penetrating heat of Hot Cherry pillows. Best use of a microwave oven, ever!



May 11, 2017 by J'Nelle Holland