Here's What a Hot Cherry® Pillow is:

It's a pillow filled with clean, dried, sustainable cherry pits.  When heated they deliver moist penetrating heat.  Place them on tight muscles, chronic aching joints, anywhere moist heat treatment will benefit.  Chill them for use as a cold pack.



When You Use Hot CherryPillows on Your Patients or Clients,

You Give Them the Added Benefit of:

  • Increased circulation
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Mood elevation

Once they've had the Hot Cherry experience, you can recommend they have the same treatment at home.  Thus easily promoting your retail sales.  Let us be a part of your solutions.



What Makes Cherry Pits Better Than Any Other Fill?  They're:

  • Clean, dust free, and will never mold
  • They stay hot or cold for 20+ minutes
  • Completely machine washable

Heat them in microwave ovens or towel warmers, chill them in the freezer for a cold pack, wash them, dry them, and they'll last for years.




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