What is the Hot Cherry Pillow?
The Hot Cherry Pillow is a pillow filled with clean, dried cherry pits, which, when heated for just a few minutes in a microwave, delivers moist penetrating heat. It's a portable, non-electric heating pad that offers soothing, comfortable, penetrating heat to treat pain, headache, stress, muscle tension, and more. It can also be chilled in the freezer to use as a cold pack.

Why use the Hot Cherry Pillow, and why does it work?
The Hot Cherry Pillow is excellent in delivering moist heat therapy. Cherry pits inside it have a seed (center) inside the hard shell that contains moisture and natural oil. When the pillow is placed in the microwave, the center heats up, and the wood-like shell holds the heat, enabling you to transfer that heat to various places on the body. Moist heat is very different from dry heat because it penetrates deep into the tissues. The pillow can be used to treat a range of musculoskeletal issues, by increasing circulation, that brings oxygen and fresh blood flow to the area thus promoting healing. Similarly, cold applications of the Hot Cherry Pillow can effectively treat inflammation, and headaches, and lower body temperature.

Where to the pits come from?    
The pits found in the Hot Cherry Pillow come from the most precious cherries, the Montmorency tart cherries.This particular cherry is juiced and sold as a healthy supplement for gout and arthritis.The pits are a by-product of the Michigan tart cherry industry which would normally go to a landfill–– making our use of them part of the sustainable green economy. They’re cleaned and dried with a patented process that uses only water and heat, no chemicals. To date, we have repurposed more than 40 tons of cherry pits.

What can it be used for?
The Hot Cherry Pillow can be used for relieving a range of aches and pain, mobilizing stiff joints and loosening tight muscles. Use it on a stiff neck or for treating sciatica or even pain in the thoracic and cervical spine. It works great for muscle soreness, tension, sinus, migraine headaches, toothaches, earaches, menstrual cramps, and stomachaches. The moist, penetrating heat is recommended for arthritis pain, and the small cherry seeds fit around any body part, enabling the heat to reach the joints. Many wellness centers and spas use it for a soothing body massage by gently rolling against the body, or simply a minimal-touch, relaxing thermal treatment. In colder months, it can be used for warming cold extremities, and also as a bed warmer. Under a down comforter, it can retail heat for many hours.

How is the Hot Cherry Pillow different from an electric or microwavable heating pad?
First,the Hot Cherry Pillow is non-electric, so there is no danger of interrupting the body’s electromagnet field. Thus, it’s much safer to use than an electric heating pad. Second, it retains heat for 20-30 minutes, which is the amount of time that most healthcare professionals recommend for thermal treatments. Because the cherry pits cool off after 20-30 minutes, the risk of falling asleep and getting burned is eliminated. Another important difference is that it is portable. There’s no need to find electric outlets or worry about extension cords or remain in one spot. You can even enjoy heat therapy while on the move.

Unlike herbal or grain-filled heating packs, the Hot Cherry Pillow has a pleasant, yet subtle aroma of cherry pie. And most importantly,it’s completely machine washable.

How long does the Hot Cherry Pillow stay warm?
It should come from the microwave piping hot. The more you move it around, the faster it cools off. If you insulated it with a blanket, it will stay warm longer. Placed in bed under a down comforter, it can keep your bed warm all night long.

Can we use the Hot Cherry Pillow to keep the baby warm?
Yes! It’s safe to use on children and babies. While you must pay attention to the temperature of the pillow to begin with, you can use it to warm the crib and know that it will safely cool down. With the Hot Cherry Pillow baby feels like there’s warm body is next to it, so that your baby can have a cozy, peaceful sleep.

How was it found that cherry pits could be used for heat therapy?
Cherry pits have been used in Europe, specifically Switzerland, for many years for a range of medicinal purposes. They were heated in a warming compartment on wood-burning stoves, hearths even steam radiators.Lore has it that Swiss foundry workers used sacks of cherry pits to relieve muscle aches and pain, and as body warmers. Native Americans also used them for heat. Even today, Natives in some of the rain forest consume cherry pits for pain relief, similar to the way we use aspirin and other pain-treating products.

Is the Hot Cherry Pillow perfectly safe to heat in a microwave?
When using the microwave, it’s essential to practice care and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. The Hot Cherry Pillow can be overheated, and the fabric or pits could become scorched. We recommend you pay special attention when setting the timer and heat for only the required and recommended time in a microwave. Also, be sure that the microwave turntable is functioning properly. If it does not make complete rotations with the pillow on it, the microwave beam will beat down in one place forming a burn hole, and possibly causing a fire in the microwave. Be aware that some of the largest Hot Cherry pillows require a 11” turntable, in order for the turntable completely rotate. A flatbed microwave is ideal.

Can the same Hot Cherry Pillow be used for a cold pack?
Yes, you may use the same Hot Cherry Pillow for hot or cold therapy. If you need a cold pack, just place the pillow in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. It will take around an hour to get cold. You can store it in the freezer, so you always have a cold pack handy. It can safely go from freezer to microwave, to washer.The cherry pits hold the cold sufficiently to reduce inflammation without the burn of gel packs. It molds around joints without the messiness of frozen peas.

Is the Hot Cherry Pillow washable?
Yes, it is machine washable. Use gentle cycle, cold water and wash with similar colors. High heat may release red dye.We recommend that you wash your pillow before initial use. Lay flat or line dry.If using the dryer, make sure that you have plenty of towels to cushion the fall. Also, you may heat it a few times in the microwave, making sure it is completely dry before storing it.

How long will the Hot Cherry Pillow last?
A Hot Cherry Pillow will last for nearly 25 years if properly cared for and maintained. Adding some amount of water from time to time will help keep the cherry pits from drying out and extend the lifespan of the pillow. Washing often restores the fresh smell of the tart cherry pits.

What if the Hot Cherry Pillow doesn't work for me?
We understand that most people buy the Hot Cherry Pillow for a particular health problem. If you are not satisfied with the product, contact us, and we will do everything possible to keep you happy and satisfied.