Shipping Info

Our exclusive, therapeutic, Hot Cherry® Pillows can be shipped via USPS for all purchases made on this website, or for our customers' convenience, we offer Amazon Prime when you select your pillow on the website. It is our desire to provide the most efficient, economical shipping rates available. 

In order to offer Free Shipping on our website, Hot Cherry partners with Amazon, we stock our products with them, and they fulfill our orders. (We pay less for shipping and you get your orders very quickly.) It is the most cost-effective and efficient way to send our "weighty" pillows.Please note, in the Hot Cherry shopping cart, there's an announcement that says, "Multiple orders may come in different shipments." That's because Amazon will ship the items from the warehouse nearest you that has what you ordered. Sometimes that's two different warehouses. Also, even though it may say UPS is your shipper, they often partner with the Post Office (USPS) and sometimes UPS Shipments arrive in your mailbox. If your shipping notification from UPS says it was delivered, but is not at your door, look for the missing package in your mailbox, you will probably find it there. If you haven't received it by the day after it was expected to arrive, contact us via email and we'll put a tracer on it.

At the moment Hot Cherry® does not ship internationally. However, we will send to your US based freight forwarder.