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Hot Cherry® Pillows Help Bad Back Pain

"I was having really bad back pain and spending a lot of time in my car driving seemed to make it even worse. I put the pillow behind my lower back now every time I drive, and I don't have any pain. It's amazing!!! Thanks for creating such an awesome product!" - Debra

Hot Cherry Pillows are a Delight

"We sure love your products and have told LOADS of people about them! What a delightful thing you have made for us all to enjoy!" - Dr. Heather

Hot Cherry Pillows Makes Kids Happy Again

"I had two little 5-year-old boys here today who got into an argument. It quickly escalated into a screaming match and my own son was inconsolable.

I don't know why, but I just decided to heat up a Hot Cherry pillow and put it on his feet. He immediately stopped crying, and looked at me and said, "Thank you, mom." Then his friend wanted one too, and soon they were happy again." - Mom-Ventura, California

Relax and Feel Better With a Hot Cherry

"I used the “Hot Cherry” pit pillow on my chest when I had an asthma attack. The moist penetrating heat comforted me and when I woke the next day, I had none of the symptoms I usually have after an attack.

The tightness and soreness that usually keeps me in bed a couple extra hours the morning after an asthma attack seemed to be gone, and I was able to go about my normal day." - Hannah G.

Every Bed Should Have a Hot Cherry® In It

"My whole family loves Hot Cherry® pillows. When someone is chilly, we can warm them up almost instantly.

It’s great for warming children’s cribs and grown-up’s beds, for tummy aches and in the evening just for comfort. Personally, I have given the “Spa Stack” as a wedding present twice now. Every household should have several Hot Cherry® pillows. - Mom - Goleta, CA

Hot Cherry® Pillows Melt the Pain Away

I am a dancer so I have a lot of pain in my lower back and knees after rehearsals.  I love using my Hot Cherry Pillow to soothe my aches while I’m in the car, on my couch, and in bed as I fall asleep.  It just melts the pain away.  I even use it on my ankles at work when the office gets chilly. 

I can’t get enough of the warm delicious smell of cherry pie.  I have tried other scented pillows but the fragrance is usually overwhelming, and I have tried heating pads but they are not heavy enough for the warmth to really penetrate. Hot Cherry Pillows are the BEST therapeutic pillows I have ever used! -Crystal S. 

My Acupuncturist Recommended Moist Heat

As advised by my acupuncturist, I use the penetrating heat from my Hot Cherry® pillow (small square #1) as part of a regular heated abdominal compress, to treat my fibroid tumors. I love the little red velvet pillow and have used it continually for several years. It’s durable, comfortable and better than a heating pad, because I’m not confined to a cord, and can move about freely.

When I’m not using it, I store it in my kitchen cabinet, in the cute cherry pie box it came in. - Dee H., Lawyer

Works Beautifully Heated in a Convection Oven

 I LOVE my Hot Cherry® Pillow!! It works beautifully heated in a convection oven.   I've been laying low for the past three days with a bug that seemed to have found a home in my neck and upper body.   I had my husband pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees, put the Triple Square pillow in a glass baking dish, turn the oven off and leave it in for 20 minutes.  It worked perfectly!  The pillow stayed warm for over an hour.  And each time I used it, I promptly fell asleep. -Dixie

Hot Cherry Pillow Provides an Effective Remedy

"After spending many hours at the computer every day with my shoulders hunched over, the Hot Cherry® pillow provides an effective remedy. The heat relaxes my neck muscles and the weight of the pillow lightly presses down on the shoulders. It really helps correct posture and reduces tension build-up in the muscles. Try draping it around your neck while working at your computer and you will be much more comfortable at the end of the day."-PA Professor