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Hot Cherry Pillows are a great addition to your home’s first aid kit– the moist heat from the pillows provides relief from muscle fatigue, sports injuries, neck problems, and stress, helps kids and adults to get a good night’s sleep, relaxes expectant moms with aromatic heat therapy, and is a wonderful addition to your elderly loved ones’ must-have kit for comfortable days and nights.

BUT, did you know that Hot Cherry Pillows are trusted and recommended by chiropractors?

Chiropractors are adding Hot Cherry Pillows to their treatment and retail sections because the pillows effectively produce moist heat, facilitating muscle tone relaxation and increasing circulation. It also helps with deep tissue work and spinal manipulation. The premium quality of the pillows ensures that they last long with little care. The soothing fragrance – think of a freshly baked cherry pie – is loved by the patients.

The pillows are available in six different sizes and two fabrics (denim and ultra-suede). They are completely washable.

Hot Cherry Pillows – Perfect for Musculoskeletal Treatments at Healthcare Offices

What is a Hot Cherry Pillow?

It is a therapeutic pillow filled with sustainable cherry pits, exuding an aromatic fragrance when heated. You can heat or freeze the pillow to use it for moist penetrating heat, or cold relief. It can be warmed in a few minutes in either a microwave or a towel warmer. For a chilled Hot Cherry Pillow, keep it in a freezer for approximately two hours.

The moist, penetrating heat from the pillow relaxes tired muscles, relieves pain and aches, and releases stress, inducing sleep. The chilled pillow can be used as a cold compress to provide relief from sprains, inflammation, swelling, and bruising. The cold relief from the Hot Cherry Pillow does not come with the wetness or burn of traditional ice packs.

Chronic neck pain

We created the Hot Cherry Cervical Neck Pillow in partnership with a chiropractor. The pillow is designed to help improve the diagnosis of “Forward Head Thrust”. This Chronic neck pain, and the dislocated spine associated with it, is relieved and alignment restored by using the Hot Cherry’s Cevical Neck Pillow when sleeping on one’s back. It can be used hot, cold or room temperature. See our YouTube video for why and how to use the Hot Cherry Cervical Neck Pillow. 

With Hot Cherry Therapeutic Pillows, chiropractors are better equipped to help their patients. In today’s competitive chiropractic environment, our therapeutic pillows add value to your chiropractic practice. The pillows are also safe for patients with pacemakers, which is an added benefit.

Hot Cherry Pillows – A New Income Stream for Your Chiropractic Business (with Minimal Advertising)

The Hot Cherry Pillow is loved by patients for effectively relieving pain, chronic neck problems, and more.

When a chiropractor educates a patient about the benefits of heat and makes the Hot Cherry Therapeutic Pillow a part of their treatments, the pillows sell themselves! The patients buy the pillow after experiencing first-hand how well it works.

If you want to learn more about Hot Cherry Therapeutic Pillows and how they can add value to your chiropractic practice, we will be happy to connect with you.

Give us a call at 1-855-651-1651. You can learn more about it all here.

Use a Hot Cherry Pillow on your patients and give them the added benefit of muscle relaxation, increased circulation, and mood elevation! Here’s what just one of our happy customers has to say about our products.

“Hot Cherry Pillows are a great addition to our office and patients love them! We started using Hot Cherry pillows in my office more than a year ago. They effectively produce moist heat, which allows for increased circulation and muscle tone relaxation. This facilitates deep tissue work and spinal manipulation. The products are made well and are durable. Patients love the feel of the pillows and the cherry scent. This product is a great addition to any healthcare office providing musculoskeletal treatments.”

Eric Prestin DC, Ventura Spine & Disc

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