It has been more than a decade of delivering warmth and wellness with Hot Cherry Pillows. As I look back on my journey, I am filled with love, gratitude, and a cherry promise of always being there to cozy up your beds and provide pain relief and soothing comfort with sustainably-made therapeutic pillows.

As someone who has cold feet and is chilly even during the summer evenings, falling asleep used to be a challenge for me, but thankfully, I discovered cherry pit-filled pillows, a traditional remedy of the Swiss to warm up their beds and soothe aches and pains. They were quite popular in Europe, unlike the United States, where few people have even heard of cherry pit filled pillows and their benefits.

I was in love with them, the very first time I tried one. They gently warmed up my cold feet as I dozed off. The moist heat also worked wonders for my overworked, aching muscles. I made a few for my family and friends, and they loved them, too. That was the beginning of founding an amazing business with the end goal of helping the whole country feel better with Hot Cherry Pillows.

Sustainable Goodness for the Win

I believe in a natural, sustainable lifestyle, and a little over ten years ago, I could not have imagined myself in a business involving the use of a microwave. But, when I was introduced to cherry pillows and experienced their goodness first-hand, I was determined to share it with as many people as I could. I have taken all the steps to give you a product that is good for you and the environment.

I wanted a made-in-the-USA, earth-friendly product without compromising on quality, and I achieved that goal, our Hot Cherry Pillows are exactly that!

The source of our cherry pits is the Montmorency tart cherries that are pitted and juiced as a nutritional supplement. Instead of ending up in a landfill, those cherry pits are used in our therapeutic pillows. I reached out to a family-run company that cleans and dries Montmorency cherry pits using only water and heat, without any chemicals. I had unbleached denim dyed with natural dyes. A local family-owned sewing shop helped me sew and fill my designs, and the final products were ready. The last step was to create eco-friendly minimal packaging, and I made a commitment to myself to use recycled packing and shipping materials whenever possible.

Today, Hot Cherry Pillows are shipped across the country to homes, retailers, spas, and chiropractic clinics– and the orders keep coming! I am proud that I successfully turned a little-known leftover into comforting, pain-relieving, body-warming pillows.

Incoming…..Hot Cherry Pillow Love

It gives the Hot Cherry Pillow family a lot of joy to help people feel better. Ten years in business, and we are growing stronger every day– all because of your immense love and trust in our product.

Have you experienced the goodness of moist heat that smells like cherry pie? If not, order your cherry pillow from our website and find out why so many people love Hot Cherry Pillows.

From kids to elderly family members, Hot Cherry Pillows are safe for all age groups. Just two minutes, or so, in the microwave, and your cherry pillow will be ready to provide soothing comfort to your loved ones!

Explore our signature Hot Cherry Therapeutic Pillows right away!

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