Cherry Ice® Blue Denim Neck Wrap in Zip-close Freezer Bag


When you need an ice pack quick, go to the freezer and pull out a Cherry Ice pillow. It’s way cooler than frozen peas because it never gets wet or soggy, and it molds around joints and other body parts. It helps to reduce swelling while bringing coolness without the burn of ice.  If you suffer from hot flashes or just a heat wave, Cherry Ice is a great way to lower your temperature fast!

Cherry Ice Neck Wrap measures 5" x 22" and is sewn in three sections so all the pits don't gather at one end. The fabric is 100% cotton denim, dyed with a natural blue-indigo dye, and comes with a reusable plastic freezer bag. Store a couple in the freezer so you always have a cold pack ready when needed.

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