Hot Cherry® Therapeutic Pillows –– the perfect solution for your painful neck, sore muscles, fussy baby, cramping stomach, arthritis pain or cold feet.

A combination of penetrating moist heat and a subtle aroma of cherry pie, a Hot Cherry® therapeutic pillow is the ultimate muscle relaxer and stress reducer. According to the American Spa Therapy Education and Certification Council, "Thermal produces the most profound effect on the body.”

Hot Cherry pillows come in five different sizes and two natural fabrics. Choose from 100% cotton, natural dyed "Denim" or our plush, ultra suede "Maraschino."
Simply heat your cherry pit pillow for 2-3 minutes in your microwave, and its unique fill of clean, hollow cherry pits retains all the heat inside, delivering warmth wherever it is needed.

  • BEST IN BED Before going to sleep, place your HotCherry® Pillow under the covers and enjoy the luxury of warm sheets all night long. 
  • SOOTHING BENEFITS Delivers moist heat that relaxes tight muscles, soothes tummy aches and increases circulation. 
  • SAVES ENERGY Instead of turning up the heat, pop a pillow in the microwave to help warm you up.
  • GREEN & SUSTAINABLE Our pillows are made with Michigan tart cherry pits, cleaned without chemicals, naturally dyed,  minimally packaged, and made in the USA.
  • WONDERFUL GIFTS Choose from five different sizes to fit the part of the body that needs a little TLC. Perfect for everyone on your holiday gift list!

We invite you to explore the many options and uses of Hot Cherry Therapeutic Pillows

– We know your body will be thanking you!