4 Romantic and Relaxing Valentine’s Day Date Ideas with Hot Cherry® Pillows

Valentine’s Day is almost here! And you know what that means: Starry-eyed lovers all around the world are gearing up to celebrate their love and also plan for the perfect date with their significant other. But what if the traditional dinner and movie date is not an option this Valentine’s Day? While we all love the idea of using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to do something romantic and make your partner feel special, it doesn’t mean you have to step out of the house to do that. There are plenty of lazy yet relaxing ways you can spend the day with your babe, all in the comfort of your home. And our Hot Cherry® Pillows are just the cherry on top!

  1. Indoor picnic

Beat the chilly weather outside with an indoor picnic and create a fun and whimsical experience for your loved one. Lay a cozy blanket in your living room and decorate the space with flowers and lights. Pack a basket with picnic favorites like sandwiches and chips and dips as well as some wine and dessert. Don’t forget our Hot Cherry® Pillows for that extra touch of warmth and comfort as you kick back on the floor.

  1. Recreate your first date

Recreating your first date is definitely “up there” on the scale of romantic gestures, which means it is sure to impress your partner. And when done at home, it becomes all the more amazing. Whether you went on your first date to the movies, a restaurant or on a sightseeing adventure, you can add little elements of that day to fill your Valentine’s Day with a tinge of loving nostalgia. And at the end of the evening, hop into bed with our warm and relaxing Hot Cherry® Pillows that are sure to warm your partner up, and get you both in the mood for love. 

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Camp-out inside the house

Ah, the allure of sleeping under the stars… except not. Surprise your partner by bringing in the great outdoors in by setting up a tent in your living room or even your bedroom. Turn out the lights, light a few evergreen-scented candles, and let the spirit of the moment take over. The private cozy, romantic space brings out the adventurous in couples. Amp up the coziness with a couple Hot Cherry® Pillows in your sleeping bags.

  1. Dinner and movie marathon in bed

If you do love going out for dinner and movie but don’t want to drag yourself out the door with all the COVID restrictions, how about you do the same thing at home? Make sure you pick a movie that both of you have never seen or one that you both like. To make the night even more special, cook up one or two of your partner’s favorite dishes, and bring dinner to bed.  If cooking is not in the cards, you can always order in from a nice restaurant. Then be sure to tuck Hot Cherry® Pillows into the foot of the bed, because cold feet are less than romantic.

Do you have plans of joining the Hot Cherry Lovers Club? Shop for our therapeutic pillows online and elevate your Valentine’s Day date night experience even further. Hot Cherry Lovers (those that subscribe to our newsletter) receive seasonal coupons for purchases with this code LOVE15. Now, it’s your code just for reading this far!

February 11, 2021 by J'Nelle Holland

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