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What Causes Stiffness and Pain in the Neck?

How much do you know about the structure of your neck? It consists of vertebrae extending from your skull to your upper torso. There are cervical discs for absorbing the shock between your bones. The muscles, ligaments, and bones of the neck not only support the head but also allow its motion. Injury or inflammation to the area can result in stiffness and pain. If you are experiencing debilitating pain in your neck, you should try Hot Cherry therapeutic pillows. It’s a perfect birthday or holiday gift. What better gift can you give than comforting relief?

Adults experience pain and stiffness in the neck from time-to-time. In most cases, overuse or poor posture is the cause. Usually, the condition is not serious and fades after a few days. But there are cases where it becomes a severe issue requiring proper medical attention. In case your neck pain has been troubling you for more than seven days or is extreme, you must consult your doctor or chiropractor immediately.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Stiffness or pain in the neck can happen because of an array of reasons. They are:

Tensed or Strained Muscles

Muscle strain or tension can lead to discomfort or pain in the neck and surrounding area. It usually occurs due to poor posture, sleeping in the wrong position, or jerking the neck while exercising. If you have a desk job, you should avoid sitting for long hours without changing positions or take breaks because long hours in the same position lead to tensed muscles in the neck. Simply relaxing with the moist, penetrating heat of a Hot Cherry Neck Wrap can relieve many everyday tensions.

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Your neck is vulnerable to injury. Accidental falls, sports, or any other activity where the ligaments and muscles of your neck are forcefully moved outside their normal range of motion make it prone to injury. Whiplash is the condition where you injure your neck because of the sudden jerking of your head. Sometimes cold applications will help soothe acute injuries and one of your Hot Cherry Neck Wraps, chilled in the freezer can bring immediate help if swelling or inflammation is involved. Otherwise, a warmed Hot Cherry Neck Wrap can be just the perfect amount of relaxation to ease the strained muscles and ligaments and the increased circulation from the moist heat can bring calming relief.

Forward Neck Thrust

This diagnosis is given to those with the chronic position of the head that juts forward over the chest. The weight of the head, unsupported by the spine, can put many pounds of weight in an unnatural position, straining discs and sometimes creating permanent damage. Often this is the result of carrying a heavy backpack, as many students do, or it can develop from sitting at a computer or texting with one’s head leaning forward. It can also be caused by sleeping on a bed pillow that is too thick and doesn’t allow the cervical spine to maintain a straight position during sleep. Our Hot Cherry Cervical Neck Pillow was developed in conjunction with a chiropractor whose patients benefited from replacing their bed pillows with our Cervical Pillow and learning to sleep on their backs to improve the posture in the cervical neck area of the spine.

Serious Problems

Meningitis is the inflammation of a thin tissue surrounding your brain and spinal cord. People who have the condition experience fever and headache along with neck stiffness. This condition is considered a medical emergency. Seek immediate medical help if you have these symptoms.

Final words

Ice and heat therapy along with proper exercise are effective remedies for neck pain. And of course using Hot Cherry Therapeutic Pillows can provide that much-needed relief, heated or chilled.

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A pain in the neck, is a real pain in the neck!
February 02, 2021 by J'Nelle Holland

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