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Your customers, like you, are looking for that perfect gift to honor Mother on her special Day! Think like they do…. and offer them Hot Cherry® pillows–– the gift that every mother will love to get and use!

Baby Your MOTHER, like she babied YOU!

We all want our moms to be happy and comfortable. So what better gift to give Mom on her special day, but a Hot Cherry® pillow? With 6 sizes and 2 fabrics to choose from, you can give her the relaxation and comfort she deserves. And every time she uses it, she will be reminded of you!

A warm cozy Hot Cherry® pillow can warm her cold sheets and help Mom sleep all night long, with warm feet. Or If she’s a Hot Mamma, then a chilled Hot Cherry® pillow, can bring down body temperature. Keep one in the freezer for those pesky hot flashes.

Moms with arthritis have been told that moist heat relieves arthritis pain and eases chronic pain anywhere on the body. Give her comfort and relief with a Hot Cherry® pillow right where it hurts.

Younger Mammas may need relief from monthly abdominal pain and relaxing with a Hot Cherry® pillow is the perfect solution. Expecting moms need all the comfort and relaxation they can get. With the constant stretching of muscles in hips and lower back, a Hot Cherry pillow will bring relief to those tire aching muscles. Supporting the back, between the knees or around the neck or shoulders, Hot Cherry pillows can be her new best friend.

So if you could solve all of your favorite Mom’s discomfort with a warm bright red pillow, wouldn’t you want to give her the best pillow ever?
That would be our Hot Cherry® pillows in natural dyed 100% cotton denim, or our gift wrapped plush Maraschino ultra suede. All you need to do is decide which size is perfect for her.

So baby your mother, like she would have babied you, if only she had had a Hot Cherry® pillow when you were a baby!

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June 26, 2019 by J'Nelle Holland

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