When our loved ones reach the end of their time her on earth, the angel-like caregivers from Hospice are there to comfort them. We honor the work of Hospice and caregivers of all kinds for their selfless service to our most vulnerable citizens. Hot Cherry pillows supports Hospice for all the loving care and good works that they do, by donating Hot Cherry pillows to Hospice care facilities in the US and Canada.

Hot Cherry pillows can be a great comfort for those who are weak and bedridden. Because they don’t move around much, their circulation is poor and they tend to get cold easily. A warm Hot Cherry pillow gives them much needed warmth and stimulates circulation; bringing oxygen and blood flow to extremities. A Hot Cherry pillow not only warms the body, but can also help with chest and sinus congestion, tummy aches and sore necks. Moist heat is often recommended for arthritis pain, neuropathy due to diabetes, and for the pain of muscle and joint soreness.

Here are a few comments gathered by caregivers at a local Hospice care facility:

“A staff person reports: “When you walk into the room with the warmed Hot Cherry pillow, the face of the person in bed lights up!”

A resident says: "This cherry pit pillow has been wonderful.  I got it for my back, but what I’ve been using it for is the neuropathy on my feet."

Another said: "Some days, especially when it is nasty and there’s no sun in the sky, what I really need is to curl up in bed with something just like this beautiful red pillow.  I have to admit that it puts me to sleep.  The funny thing is that it is often still warm when I wake up an hour later."

And yet another said: "It is called a pillow and that's exactly what I use it for: a pillow.  Under my head and my neck.  You wouldn't think that cherry pits would feel that good, but they do.  Thanks to all of you for finding someone to give these to us."

We, at Hot Cherry, are happy to give our pillows to those who need them most. Every pillow that has been used as a sales demonstration or for a photo shoot is carefully washed, dried and repurposed for use by Hospice caregivers and institutions that comfort end-of-life patients.

Nurses have found that having Hot Cherry pillows in their bag of tricks can be a godsend for both them and the patient. Sometimes a Hot Cherry will be just the thing needed for a patient that needs a little attention, but when the nurse can’t get to them for a while. A little warmth goes a long way toward happiness.

Many times after the patient has passed at the Hospice facility, a family member will ask if they can keep the Hot Cherry pillow. It becomes a symbol of the lost family member and comforts those who feel that loss. I often give a Hot Cherry pillow, as a way of showing my sympathy for a lost loved one. Cuddling a Hot Cherry pillow at night can help to fill that empty space in the bereaved one’s bed.

Hot Cherry pillows are a comfort from birth to death, and everywhere in between.


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