cherry pit pillows
It’s not just any product, not a knickknack, nor a consumable. We’re proud that we make a product that actually adds value to people’s lives.

During this pandemic Amazon considers cherry pit pillows among the essentials that are being shipped out because people are stressed, scared, over burdened and aching to the bone. Some are suffering from the coronavirus, and some are professional caregivers. Everyone can benefit from our comforting pillows. And Hot Cherry Pillows can to be shipped to your door in a matter of days.

Our Hot Cherry Pillows can help in these ways:

Aching back and legs, either from standing on them for hours or from couch commuting, overused or underused muscles both benefit from moist heat treatments. I like putting a heated Triple Square Pillow under my raised legs. The heat relaxes stiff hamstrings and muscles, while the elevation reduces the swelling of ankles. Conversely, you can chill that same pillow and enjoy a cold version for inflammation reduction and leg cramp relief.

Headaches and Migraines respond well to hot or cold application of our Hot Cherry Eye Pillow. The weight of the pits sink into eye sockets and bring their soothing comfort deep into the muscles surrounding the eyes, relaxing and reducing pressure. Blocking out light allows the eyes and the body to calm down and rest a bit.  Hot or cold, relief is sweet. And you just may escape the kids for a 20+ minute treatment.

Many people rely on massage for stress relief. Since many spas are closed, you can give yourself a weighted moist heat treatment with one or several Hot Cherry Pillows placed on chest, legs, shoulders or neck pain. The weight and moist heat relax muscle groups, increases circulation, which encourages you to center yourself in calm relaxation, much like a weighted blanket, without weighing down your feet.

Remember that when you heat your Hot Cherry Pillow in the microwave, it is sterilized, making it safe to use with various members of the family. And when it no longer smells delicious, then simply wash in the washing machine and dry in the dryer, to restore its original lovely aroma of cherry pie.

Self Care goes right along with Staying Safe, Staying Home and doing your part to help curb the contagion of Covid-19. We think that having several Hot Cherry Pillows available for family members is essential, during the pandemic, and we hope that you do too.

Thinking of how you can help others? Send them a Hot Cherry Pillow gift to comfort their aches and pains, and to cuddle with during long lonely nights.
August 14, 2020 by J'Nelle Holland

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