cherry pit neck wrap
Cherry Ice pillows are just like Hot Cherry pillows, only limited to

3 sizes, all blue, and they come in a zip-close freezer bag.

Now on Sale, While Supplies Last!

When you need an ice pack quick, go to the freezer and pull out a Cherry Ice pillow. It’s way cooler than frozen peas because it never gets wet or soggy, and it molds around joints and other body parts. Bringing coolness without the burn of ice, it helps to reduce swelling. Rest a chilled eye pillow on tired eyes, for headaches or fever. If you suffer from hot flashes or just a heat wave, try a chilled cherry pit neck wrap around your neck to relax with cool relief. Cherry Ice is a great way to lower your body temperature fast!

Physical therapists and chiropractors agree that Cherry Ice, though not as cold as gel packs, have enough coldness to help reduce swelling without the discomfort of burning ice. When you experience a sports injury or a pulled muscle from working in the garden, rely on the gentle relief of our Cherry Ice sports injury pillows to counteract inflammation. Kids injuries respond well to subtle icing. When chronic injuries surface again and you need to alternate cold and hot applications, then you can count on Cherry Ice pillows to be microwaved as well as chilled.

The same great Michigan Montmorency cherry pits are inside Cherry Ice® as in all our Hot Cherry therapeutic pillows. Use them cold when needed, or warm them for therapeutic moist heat. Either way, relief is sweet.  Cherry Ice comes in three different sizes: 10” square, an eye pillow, and a lightweight neck wrap. The fabric is 100% cotton denim, dyed with a natural blue-indigo dye. Each pillow comes with its own reusable plastic, zip-close freezer bag to keep your pillow clean when it’s in the freezer next to drippy ice cream containers.

Store a couple in the freezer so you always have a cold pack ready for life’s little bumps and twists. It can go from the freezer to the microwave, no problem, and like all our cherry pillows they're completely machine washable.

Cherry Ice® is on sale now while supplies last. Hurry now to get your Cherry Ice cold packs, and...

“Be Really Cool” this summer!



June 30, 2019 by J'Nelle Holland

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