3 Most Unusual Ways to use Hot Cherry® pillows

Many of our “Hot Cherry Lovers” have reported to us some very unusual ways that they use our pillows. Most people benefit from using them to stay warm in bed, to relieve muscle pain, and others like to use them cold, to relieve fever, headaches and inflammation.

I thought you might like to hear of a few very unusual ways that Hot Cherry pillows are being used by our customers.

Perhaps you’ve read one of our reviews about the young mother with two screaming little boys that got into an argument and were inconsolable. She put a warm Hot Cherry pillow on her son’s feet and he immediately stopped screaming and became unusually polite. “Thank you Mommy”. The other boy asked for one too, and the fit was over. So calming kids drama and trauma with Hot Cherry pillows became a new Mommy’s little helper.

One of our customers reports that she uses her triple square pillow as a tub backrest. Because our Hot Cherry pillows are completely washable, they can be used in the bathtub! “The cast iron tub is always so cold that I hate to lean back on it.” So while the tub is filling, she heats up a Hot Cherry pillow and lays it on the sloping back of the tub. Now leaning back is warm and the pits move into a shape that cradles her back in warmth. That’s pretty ingenious, don’t you think?

But the most unusual use that we’ve heard of is using Hot Cherry pillows as flotation pillows in a swimming pool during Watsu treatments. If you’re not familiar with this type of healing modality, Watsu is a combination of water and massage (water-shiatsu). Relaxing in a floating position with a Hot Cherry pillow under your head gives you just enough support to feel confident about relaxing and floating.

It was in a swimming pool that we realized that Hot Cherry pillows actually float! Perhaps because the pits are hollow, and the ultra suede fabric is so tightly woven, that Hot Cherry pillows have become an unofficial floatation device. Not that we recommend them to be used this way, in fact, we do not. (Our insurance company would surely object.) It is in fact, the most unusual use we’d come across.

If you have discovered an unusual use of Hot Cherry pillows that you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you. But remember, any other way than the recommended use and care that is written in our instructions, is done at your own risk. Be safe and take caution, and enjoy your Hot Cherry pillows your favorite way, everyday.

March 15, 2018 by J'Nelle Holland

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