Whether your pain is acute, as in it just happened, or chronic because it’s been aching a long time, Hot Cherry pillows can soothe and relieve your pain in a matter of minutes. There’s a Hot Cherry pillow size that’s perfect for every part of the body, and we have six sizes to choose from.

Everyone knows that moist heat is good for sinus pain. Just heat up a Hot Cherry Eye Pillow and place it across eyes and the bridge of the nose, and the moist penetrating heat opens blocked passages and relieves the pain caused by this constriction. That same moist heat is known to relieve headaches and TMJ pain. And if your headache or fever is relieved with a cold compress, then get out that Hot Cherry eye pillow that you’ve kept in the freezer for immediate cooling relief.

Neck pain is probably the most common pain in modern times. Sleeping on a thick pillow, or tilting the head forward while reading, working on the computer, or texting, straightens out the natural curve of the cervical spine. Our new, chiropractor recommended, Cervical Neck Pillow is designed especially to address this common problem. Use it in bed, or when traveling, to begin the process of restoring the natural “banana curve” of the cervical neck. We have a video on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U_N1dYTDVg that explains the “why and how” to use our cervical neck pillow while you sleep on your back. If you have chronic neck pain, try this specially designed pillow hot, cold or room temperature.

If your neck pain is a result of sitting with your shoulders hunched, you might try our small Neck Wrap. With two pounds of cherry pits soothing your shoulders, you will naturally relax them; letting them drop down to ease the tension. The weight helps you focus on your posture, and the warmth of penetrating moist heat relaxes tense muscles, relieving tightness between the neck and back. We go to the trouble of sewing the pits into three sections, so not all the pits gather at one end, but provide warm heat treatment at the back of the neck as well as the sides. Try our cherry pit neck wrap, one of our most popular products.

Lower back pain can be debilitating. Whether you’re standing over a worktable or working in the garden, overused muscles scream for relief. That’s when our Double Square pillow is perfect for relaxing sore, tight muscles due to strain and tension of everyday use. Just heat up a big double square pillow and lean back and relax. The moist penetrating heat relieves the tightness and brings instant “Ahhs”.

Hot Cherry pillows will keep delivering heat for a good twenty minutes or more. Then it’s good to get up, move around, and while you’re reheating your Hot Cherry, do a little stretching, then relax with your Hot Cherry some more. This routine is also great for any use of Hot Cherry pillows, because moist heat and movement are recommended for most kinds of pain, especially arthritis pain!

Women and girls who suffer from the monthly pain of menstruation, will find that the Hot Cherry Square pillow is the best little friend you can have. It fits perfectly in small microwaves, like they have in dorm rooms, and heats up quickly to relieve cramps by sending penetrating moist heat to relax muscles, and increase circulation and blood flow to tummy and back. With a Square pillow on the abdomen and a Double Square on the back, relief is sweet.

When sleeping with leg or foot pain, caused by either poor circulation or diagnosed as neuropathy, Hot Cherry pillows can be a godsend. Our Triple Square body pillow is perfect for placing under one or both legs. The 28” in length delivers that moist heat that increases circulation and eases aches and pains. Hot Cherry pillows can solve the problem of neuropathy pain by surrounding cold numb feet, increasing circulation thus relieving the pain, and allowing the neuropathy sufferer to get a good nights sleep.

And perhaps the worse pain of all is the pain in the heart from the loss of a loved one. The empty side of the bed is an awful reminder of the once present partner. Hot Cherry body pillows, Double or Triple can help warm and comfort, at a time when the heart yearns for something to hug. A Hot Cherry heart shaped pillow can be a wonder condolence gift.

Don’t just take our word for the relief and comfort that Hot Cherry pillows can provide. Read what our customers have said about how our pillows have relieved their aches and pains: 

Square                                                                                                                                             "I used the “Hot Cherry” pit pillow on my chest when I had an asthma attack. The moist penetrating heat comforted me and when I woke the next day, I had none of the symptoms I usually have after an attack. The tightness and soreness that usually keeps me in bed a couple extra hours the morning after an asthma attack seemed to be gone, and I was able to go about my normal day."                                                                                                                     Hannah, Asthma Sufferer

Double Square

“Last week I tweaked my back badly. 
I visited my chiropractor; soaked in the hot tub; used far-infrared heat in the sauna; applied creams; took pills & potions. I even had my sweetheart rub my back - but it was the moist heat of a Hot Cherry Therapeutic pillow on my lower back that provided the relief I craved! It eased the pain while giving comfort and healing. Amazing! True story - thanks Hot Cherry!”

Bridget F

Triple Square                                                                                                                                          

"My husband is a diabetic, and as a result of the disease, would often experience neuropathy of his big toe during the night which was extremely painful and would keep him from being able to sleep. We have discovered that by using a Hot Cherry therapeutic pillow which is warmed slightly in a microwave and placed down by his feet, he no longer experiences sleepless, painful nights."               Harriet K. RN

Cervical Neck Pillow

“This cherry pillow is the best solution to aiding a healing reverse curve in my neck. I religiously go to the chiropractor and use a Demerol. The cherry pillow smells wonderful and the moist heat is so therapeutic! The shape and the flexible nature of the cherry pits fits beautifully in the exact spot I need support. Most traditional pillows are just too thick and don't offer the support I need. This is great! I will use it again & again!”

JD Amazon customer

Neck Wrap

“I’m at my computer for long hours, and the red denim neck wrap is such a relief. It lowers my shoulders with the warmth and weight, and brings my attention to my posture. Great product.”   PA Prof

Eye Pillow                                                                                                                               

Great relief for dry eyes!



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June 26, 2019 by J'Nelle Holland

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