child holding hot cherry pillow

From newborns to teens, kids of all ages love Hot Cherry pillows. There’s something about the crunchiness, the weight and the huggability of a Hot Cherry pillow that simply relaxes kids into another space.

If you’ve ever put a sleeping baby down on a cold crib sheet only to have him or her wake up, it’s because that cold crib is nothing like your warm body. However, if you warm the sheets before with a Hot Cherry pillow, then move it aside and cuddle their little body with it, then baby thinks, “hum, nice warm body next to me”. And unlike heating pads, the Hot Cherry pillow gradually cools down, making them safe to leave in the crib. It’s a small body pillow for baby.

Sadly, I’ve had a personal experience with hospital-applied baby heal warmers filled with chemical gels that actually burned a baby’s feet. That will never happen with Hot Cherry pillow for baby. That’s why warming baby’s feet or anyone’s feet for that matter is safely and quickly done with a warm Hot Cherry pillow.

Active kids are rarely willing to jump into bed at bedtime. It can often be a struggle to get them to go to sleep. But your new secret weapon can be a Hot Cherry. Place one in kids’ beds to warm their feet, or let them cuddle a warm Hot Cherry pillow as you tell a bedtime story. The penetrating warmth relaxes their tired little bodies and helps them calm down from the days' activities. The weight on a kid’s chest settles them. Hot Cherry pillows can be a good babysitter, while you prepare other kids or things during the bedtime routine.

My little granddaughter runs hot, so she likes to cuddle a cold pillow. That’s a very different approach to relaxing at bedtime than I’m used to, but everybody is different. It’s nice to know that Hot Cherry pillows can be relaxing whether they’re hot or cold. And if one of the kiddos has a fever and chills, a cold Hot Cherry eye pillow on the forehead and a warm square on the chest, can really help them feel better fast.

Keep a couple of Hot Cherry pillows in the freezer for life’s little bumps and booboos. So if your child twists an ankle or bangs a knee, quickly apply a chilled sports injury pillow to prevent the swelling. Cherry Ice won’t have the burn of gel ice packs nor the wet messiness of frozen peas, yet they easily mold around joints. Wrap a towel around the pillow to insulate it and elevate the foot. It is always good to have a couple of Cherry Ice pillows in the freezer for emergencies.

Young athletes, dancers and explorers often use their muscles to the max. Relaxing with Hot Cherry pillows will calm overused muscles with warmth or chilled pillows can prevent swelling. A chilled pillow can go directly into the microwave if you need to alternate hot with cold, no problem.

body pillow for baby

Teen and tween girls are often bothered by painful monthly cramps and lower back pain. Ease their time with Hot Cherry pillows on the tummy and lower back. The penetrating heat of the cherry pit cushion relaxes muscle spasms, increases circulation, and takes the edge off her pain. A warm Hot Cherry pillow can provide a good deal of comfort and a time for her to cuddle up and nurture herself.

When kids are away at camp, boarding school or college, homesickness can come on them especially at bedtime. Be sure to pack them a couple of Hot Cherry pillows to keep them company and remind them of the warmth of home.

No matter what age, Hot Cherry pillows are one of the best problem-solvers for kids and babies. Anytime there is a problem, physical or emotional, Hot Cherry pillows are ready in a couple of minutes to calm muscles and moods. Be sure to have at least one for every “kiddo” in your household.

For holiday or birthday gifts, when you just don’t know what to give the kid that has everything, the tween that’s so hard to find something they might like, give them a Hot Cherry pillow of their own. You may be surprised at how well-loved their Hot Cherry pillow will be. Give the gift of warmth and love. They’ll always remember who gave it to them.

child holding hot cherry pillow

June 26, 2019 by J'Nelle Holland

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