Free Shipping for VALENTINE’S DAY

Hot Cherry pillows for Valentine lovers,

Are the best kept secret under the covers!

If you want to really warm the heart of your lover, you’ll give at least one Hot Cherry pillow for Valentine’s Day. They’re not just for the heart or tummy, how about those cold feet? If you run on the hot side, then chill your Hot Cherry pillows in the freezer, and enjoy a cool-down wherever you are. We can solve these problems and many more with our pillows that help everybody feel better.

And Hot Cherry pillows are not only for your lover, but what about your mother, daughter or another? Show them all that you really care, by warming their hearts in an unusual way. They will surely remember you while they’re cuddling up to the warmth and coziness of Hot Cherry pillows, the Best Valentine’s Gift ever.

And you can enjoy a big savings, now till Valentine’s Day, because we’re offering Free Shipping! Apply code FREESHIPPING at checkout

January 21, 2018 by J'Nelle Holland

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