This Fall, Break in a Hot Cherry Pillow for Cozy Comfort

cherry pit pillows
Autumn is here with chilly nights, c
uddles, and of course, holidays – what’s not to LOVE?

Time to pull out those Hot Cherry Pillows for some feel-good comfort. 

Filled with sustainable cherry pits that are easy to warm (a few minutes in the microwave) a Hot Cherry Pillow is the perfect companion when you’re lounging on the patio or cuddled under the blanket on the sofa. The moist heat oozing out of the pillow not only turns up the relaxation mode but also alleviates body aches and pains. 

Let’s Talk About Hot Cherry Pillow Care

When you first receive your Hot Cherry Denim Pillow wrapped in jute twine, we recommend that you wash it before use, especially if you may be allergic to grasses. If you use them to provide relief to your tired feet or to comfort your fur babies, after numerous uses, you’re going to want to give those pillows a good washing! When any of your Hot Cherry Pillows stop smelling like cherry pie, they need a wash to restore the lovely natural scent.  

When washing the pillows, follow these instructions carefully.

  • Wash in cold water 
  • Wash with similar colors (red dyes tend to be unstable, and high heat may release the dye)
  • Ensure the dryer has other clothes, or towels to cushion the fall for your cherry pit pillow while drying
  • Line drying is also fine, or lay flat on a towel in the sun 
  • Be sure to dry them completely before storing 

With our cherry pit-filled pillows, you never have to worry about mold when the pillow gets wet from sweat or otherwise, a common problem with herbal or grain-filled pillows. You do have to take one precaution – always check for broken stitches and holes, especially before washing.

Our pillows are made to last years, but faulty microwaves and improper use can damage them. Make sure that your microwave turntable makes complete rotations, otherwise, the microwave beam may beat down in one location and create a scorched spot or even burn a hole in the fabric.

After using the cherry pit pillows for a while, their original crunchiness takes on a more valuable quality as the edges become more rounded. The space between the pits increases a bit, making it easier to warp the pillow around joints or cuddle closer to the neck. 

Hot Cherry Pillows just get better with use – softer and more luxurious!

This Fall, Break in a Hot Cherry Pillow for Cozy Comfort

Make Your Fall Cozier With Hot Cherry Pillows

When the colder months arrive, we crave comforting warmth. The feeling of a cozy, warm cherry pit pillow wrapped around your neck or legs or tucked under your sweaters while you enjoy the still-warm autumn evenings on the deck is unparalleled. 

When I hear the comforting “ahs” from my friends and family as I hand them a toasty warm Hot Cherry Pillow, I am reminded why I love making them. I’m so pleased that I make pillows that help people feel better.

Why not add more pillows or different sizes to your personal collection of Hot Cherry pillows or consider giving them as gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

I have a fall gift for you, too! Use the coupon code FALL15 at checkout and receive 15% off your entire order! Happy Autumn!

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