Give the Gift of Warmth and Comfort This Christmas!

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Hot Cherry pillows make the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be a real challenge. It seems like everyone already has everything they need, and the last thing you want is for your thoughtful present to end up as a post-holiday return. This year, consider surprising your loved ones with something they didn't even know they needed – Hot Cherry pillows.

Hot Cherry pillows are not your run-of-the-mill pillows. They are filled with clean, dried cherry pits that, when heated, provide a soothing and penetrating warmth. These versatile pillows are a godsend for relieving muscle tension, easing tummy aches, and creating a cozy sleep environment.

What is a Hot Cherry Pillow?

Now, you might be wondering, "What's so special about cherry pit pillows?" Well, the tradition of using cherry pit sacks for therapeutic warmth dates back to Swiss foundry workers who relied on them to soothe their sore muscles after grueling days of labor. This tradition soon spread to Germany, where they are known as Kirschkernkissen.

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Why Hot Cherry Pillows are Exceptional

Hot Cherry pillows stand out for several reasons:

  1. Sustainable Source: The cherry pits used in Hot Cherry pillows come from the precious Montmorency tart cherries, known for their high levels of antioxidants and melatonin. These pits are sourced during the cherry harvest, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly product.

  2. Chemical-Free Processing: Unlike some imported products that can emit unpleasant chemical odors, Hot Cherry Pillows are cleaned and dried using a patented process that involves only water and heat.

  3. Longevity: Hot Cherry Pillows are built to last and get better with age as they get broken in. They are entirely machine washable, so they'll be your trusty companions for years to come.

    Who Can Benefit from Hot Cherry Pillows?

    Hot Cherry Pillows are incredibly versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of individuals:

    • Overworked Moms: Moms constantly juggling numerous responsibilities will appreciate the relaxation and stress relief these pillows provide.

    • Athletes and Weekend Warriors: If you have friends or family members who suffer from post-workout soreness or muscle fatigue, these pillows are a thoughtful gift.

    • Expecting Moms: Pregnancy discomfort is a real challenge, and Hot Cherry Pillows can offer much-needed support and warmth.

    • Kids and Babies: These pillows can gently warm infants' and toddlers' beds, making bedtime more comfortable and cozy.

      baby pillow

    • Seniors and Caregivers: Older individuals often feel chilly, and caregivers could use a comforting gift that eases their stress.

    • Coworkers and Employees: Show appreciation to your colleagues and team members with a unique and caring gift.

    • Teachers: Express gratitude to educators who dedicate their time and effort to shaping young minds.

    Explore the Hot Cherry Pillow Collection

    Hot Cherry Pillows come in various sizes and fabrics to cater to different preferences and needs. From eye pillows for relaxation to body pillows for all-over warmth, you'll find the perfect fit for your loved ones. Some of the best options include Cherry Ice® Blue Denim Eye Pillow in Zip-close Freezer Bag, Hot Cherry Cervical Neck Pillow in Plush Red Ultra-Suede, and Feel Better Pack in Natural Denim: Square, Eye Pillow & Neck Wrap.

    Make your Christmas gifts special this holiday season by choosing Hot Cherry pillows. These unique and versatile pillows are a great way to express love and care. Whether it's for your mom, best friend, or a coworker, Hot Cherry Pillows make perfect Christmas gifts that will be cherished for years.

    Explore our website for an array of the best therapeutic pillows!

December 07, 2023 by Agilis Labs

Why Customers Choose Hot Cherry Pillows

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Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the world of relaxation and well-being products.

At Hot Cherry Pillows, we aim to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience through our unique and comforting pillows. We recognize the significance of selecting the right product for your well-being and ensure that our pillows meet and exceed your expectations. Customers from all walks of life consistently choose us for a reason.

Customer Reviews Speak Volumes

When selecting products that enhance relaxation, warmth, and comfort, the testimonials from our cherished customers affirm why Hot Cherry Pillows are the preferred choice. Let's take a closer look at why they have become a beloved addition to households and wellness routines worldwide.

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Warmth And Comfort for All Ages

Mom from Goleta, CA, sums it up perfectly: "All of us here at our house love our Hot Cherry pit pillows. When someone's chilled to the bone, we can warm them up almost instantly. It's great for warming children's cribs and grown-up's beds, for tummy aches, and in the evening just for comfort."

Hot Cherry Pillows are not just for adults; they offer warmth and comfort for the whole family, making them a versatile and beloved addition to any household.

Relief From Neuropathy

Harriet K, an RN, shared a heartwarming story about her husband's struggle with diabetic neuropathy. She said, "My husband is a diabetic, and as a result of the disease, he would often experience neuropathy of his big toe during the night, which was extremely painful and would keep him from being able to sleep. We have discovered that by using a Hot Cherry therapeutic pillow, which is warmed slightly in a microwave and placed down by his feet, he no longer experiences sleepless, painful nights." This testimonial reflects the incredible relief that Hot Cherry Pillows can bring to those dealing with chronic pain.

Preferred By Professionals

Pamela F, a seasoned massage therapist, raves about the effectiveness of Hot Cherry Pillows in her practice. She mentioned, "I have found that Hot Cherry pillows are the best! They hold their heat, and they are also excellent for manipulating the body over the sheet before 'hands-on.' I have not found a better tool for my therapeutic massage business." Professionals like Pamela trust Hot Cherry Pillows for their quality and functionality, and they have become an integral part of her massage sessions.

Retailer's Delight

Amy C., owner of Plum Goods and winner of the Indy's "Best Gift Shop in Santa Barbara," has made Hot Cherry Pillows a staple in her store. She said, "The quality and packaging are exceptional, and they are as fun to use as to sell. We've re-ordered half a dozen times a year since we've been carrying them, and look forward to many years of spreading the Hot Cherry love far and wide." This speaks to the appeal of Hot Cherry Pillows as both a personal indulgence and a fantastic gift option. The consistent re-orders from Plum Goods demonstrate the continued demand for our products.

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Healthcare Professional's Choice

Even healthcare practitioners like Eric P, DC, from Ventura Spine and Disc, have embraced Hot Cherry Pillows. He shared, "Patients love the feel of the pillows and the cherry scent. This product is a great addition to any healthcare office providing musculoskeletal treatments." The effectiveness and durability of our pillows make them a valuable tool in promoting health and wellness, not just for individuals but also within healthcare practices.

The heartwarming testimonials from our satisfied customers and professionals highlight why Hot Cherry Pillows are the top choice for relaxation, comfort, and well-being. Whether you're seeking relief from pain, a way to unwind after a long day, or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, Hot Cherry Pillows are the trusted solution.

Experience the magic of moist heat and the soothing scent of cherry pie for yourself, and discover why customers choose us time and time again. Explore our website for more information!
November 22, 2023 by Agilis Labs

Attention Spas & Alternative Therapists!

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Enhance Client Experience with Hot Cherry Pillows

"Hot Cherry Pillows are a great addition to our office, and patients love them! We started using Hot Cherry pillows several years ago in my office. They effectively produce moist heat, allowing increased circulation and muscle tone relaxation. This facilitates deep tissue work and spinal manipulation. The products are made well and are durable. Patients love the feel of the pillows and the cherry scent. This product is a great addition to any healthcare office providing musculoskeletal treatments."                                    Eric Prestin DC, Ventura Spine & Disc

These are the words of a respected chiropractor in California who uses Hot Cherry Pillows in his clinic, ans sells them in his retail section.

Hot Cherry pillows are filled with sustainable, easy-to-warm dried cherry pits, that deliver moist penetrating heat.  The Hot Cherry Pillow is an excellent addition to every chiropractor, physical therapist, acupuncturist, therapeutic massage, wellness center or spa.

Why cherry pits?

A little history will make it easier to understand. Before Hot Cherry Pillows became a familiar concept in America for therapeutic uses, cherry pits were used for healing and conditioning long ago in Switzerland.

Foundry workers of ole found that applying sacks of warmed cherry pits to their bodies relieved the soreness of their muscles after a long day of work. Then at home, covered in down comforters, those warmed sacks of cherry pits would keep the family warm during snowy Swiss nights. Since then, cherry pit pillows have been known and loved in many European homes and spas for their warming, relaxing and therapeutic potential. The moist penetrating heat is affective on muscles, tendons, organs, and extremities to increase circulation and promote healing.



in your Wellness Center

At Hot Cherry we offer something special:

➔                 Our cherry pits are sourced from the most precious and favored cherry species, Montmorency Tart cherries. These cherries contain high levels of melatonin and antioxidants that are pitted and juiced as a nutritional supplement for relieving arthritis pain and aiding sleep.

➔                 Our patented process that incorporates only water and heat, no chemicals, ensures that the cherry pits fulfill their purpose, making them safe for microwave heating or heating in hot towel warmers.

➔                 Our pillows are durable, machine washable and will last for years of service. They also require minimal training for use on clients.

neck hot cherry pillows

➔                 Chill in the freezer for a cold pack that provides enough cold to deter inflammation without the burn of gel packs.

➔                 They release a sweet, cherry pie smell from the pits, that also works as aromatherapy while uplifting and relaxing the mood of your patients.

➔                 Available in versatile sizes and fabric options, you can use them in your treatment rooms, and sell them in your retail section. Clients love them and are inspired to buy them for home use and gifts.

Hot Cherry Pillows are popular gifts and result in year-round sales because pain doesn’t wait for a season. Whether cold or hot, these cherry pit pillows in pure cotton denim or imported ultra-suede are ideal for just about every problem:     your patient might be facing like:

●   Sports injuries

●   Muscle fatigue

●   Neck problems

●   Pregnancy back pain

●   Joints pains

●   Elderly aches and pains

●   Stress relief

Enhance the care standards of your wellness center or spa by adding Hot Cherry Pillows to your menu.

Place your order today!

If you would like to learn more about the product, browse our website or connect with us for any queries. Sign up for our newsletters with discount offers.

February 17, 2022 by J'Nelle Holland

Self-Care A New Year Priority

self care

It has been two years since coronavirus turned our world topsy-turvy. Thankfully, with robust vaccination drives and precautionary measures, we continue to brave the pandemic. However, the threat is not yet a thing of the past. Omicron, the most recently reported COVID-19 variant, has been classified as a Variant of Concern by WHO.

Amidst the coronavirus concern, it becomes more important than ever to focus on self-care. If you don’t already have it on your New Year’s resolutions list, add it right away. Self-care should be a top priority because looking after your well-being makes it easier to get through challenging times.

Cooking your favorite meal. Taking a nice bubble bath. Reading a good book cuddled up in bed. Self-care can take many forms.

Let’s start by making a self-care kit! Here are a few things you might want to include:
  • A hot cherry pillow
  • Your favorite tea
  • Chocolates
  • Face masks
  • A gratitude journal
  • Scented candles
  • A list of feel-good movies
  • Photographs with your loved ones
At Hot Cherry, we understand the significance of self-care, with or without a pandemic. It gives us joy that our cherry-pit-filled pillows help people feel better and are easy to incorporate into self-care routines. Here’s how:

Banish the post-workout muscle fatigue with Hot Cherry Pillows.

Regular exercise is an important investment in your overall well-being, from improving your mood and promoting a better sleep to keeping your weight in check.

If the thought of muscle pain and achy joints after a leg day at the gym makes you feel like skipping exercise, don’t. Once you are done working out, microwave a Hot Cherry Pillow, place it under your stretched out legs, and allow the moist heat to melt the pain away.

Recover from overused muscles or day-to-day aches and pains with Hot Cherry Pillows.

Do you have a teenager who is active in sports? Does your back ache from working in your garden? Do you have a hundred and one errands to run on a daily basis?

The complaints of achy joints, muscle pains, and injury-related swelling, bruising, and sprains may be common at home.

Our therapeutic Hot Cherry Pillows are the answer. They soothe and relieve pain by increasing blood circulation to overworked muscles with moist heat. They also work as cold compresses that aid in treating swelling, sprains, inflammation, and bruising.

meditation pillow

Take some ‘me time’ and just RELAX with Hot Cherry Pillows.

No matter how busy you are, it is essential that you take out some “time out” for yourself. This is particularly true if you’re a caregiver or a busy mother.

Take a short nap with a toasty Hot Cherry Pillow. As the moist heat promotes blood flow, the warm cherry pie aroma will comfort your mind. You will wake up feeling energized, focused, and in a better mood.

Mental health must be a priority, ALWAYS.

As the threat of coronavirus still looms in the air, your mental health deserves equal attention, even more, if you happen to be living away from family at the moment. Or feeling stressed, depressed, or overwhelmed from being confined in close quarters with too much family can also be a problem.

Develop healthy practices and habits to honor your personal needs.

A regular meditation and yoga practice can help. The Triple Square Hot Cherry Pillow makes a delightful meditation pillow for chilly winter mornings. Place it on the floor in a triangle shape for a comfortable sitting position. Using one of our eye pillows, warm, cold or room temperature to block out light during savasana is heavenly.

New Year, New You with Hot Cherry Pillows.

Our therapeutic pillows will be your self-care companion all year round. Our pillows are microwavable, freeze-able, and machine washable. Hot Cherry Pillows are here to remind you to take good care of yourself this year.

What are you waiting for? Get your Hot Cherry Therapeutic Pillow right away.
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The Cozy Winter Comfortof Hot Cherry Pillows


Some of us may not be big fans of colder months. The dropping temperatures make daily chores, like walking the dog challenging. But there are plenty of reasons why we look forward to the season (YES, we counted the lined-up holidays, too). Who doesn’t like snuggling with their loved ones and sipping hot chocolate while marveling at the snowy winter landscape?

Our Hot Cherry Pillows make your winter snuggles even more cozy-comfy. Just like the dozens of reasons to get excited about winter, there are ample reasons to love our clean, dried cherry-pit-filled pillows that are one hundred percent sustainable.

Here are a few ways of making the most of your Hot Cherry Pillows this winter season:

Wintery Night Comfort

“Baby it’s cold outside” is an all-time favorite holiday song. What do you do when it is cold outside?

Heat a Hot Cherry Pillow in the microwave for a couple of minutes, then settle in bed or the living room sofa with one of our “snuggable” Hot Cherry pillows. You can either enjoy a holiday movie marathon with your family or read a book before shutting off for the night.

You can fall asleep with the pillow without worrying about getting burnt because a cherry pit pillow gradually cools down. In order to keep it warmer longer, wrap it in a down throw and place it under the covers, it potentially can keep your feet warm all night long.

Bedtime Invitation for the Kids

Getting excited and active kids into bed at bedtime can be a struggle for mamas. Let a Hot Cherry Pillow come to the rescue.

Read a bedtime story to your kids as they cuddle the toasty pillow. The huggable cherry pit pillow will relax them and help their bodies calm down from the day’s activities. A warm bed is very inviting to kids of all ages.

The best part, the pillow is suitable for kids of all ages! An eye pillow is perfect for an infant with a colicky tummy or a larger one to warm the chilly crib sheets before putting them down.

Comforting the Sick

It’s a, sad but true, fact that many people will be suffering from COVID-19 and its Delta and Omicron variants this winter. With coughs, chest colds, aching and chilly bodies, the moist penetrating heat of Hot Cherry Pillows can help relieve some of the pain and stress of being sick. Placed on a congested chess, or alongside chilly limbs, the warmth and weight of our relaxing pillows provide invaluable relief to anyone with this awful illness. A warm Hot Cherry pillow can be a true friend when someone is quarantined during this pandemic. Consider sending Hot Cherry Pillows to those in need of comforting, including the caregivers.

Melt Your Pain Away and Promote a Better Sleep

When you have achy joints, tendons and muscles, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. The healing combination of moisture and heat can alleviate the pain and discomfort of chronic pain. So, warm a Hot Cherry Pillow for comforting relief, warm up your chilly feet ,and finally doze off to a restful sleep. Unlike weighted blankets, our pillows won’t put unnecessary weight on your feet, and you get the same stress-reliving effect of the weight of the pits on your body. We suggest that you use one of our larger body pillows for more coverage.

Thoughtful Holiday Gifting

Hot Cherry Pillows take the stress out of holiday gift exchanges.

Their usability is not limited to colder months or relieving aches and pains with moist heat. They are the perfect cold therapy pillows, too. Cold therapy is usually recommended to reduce swelling.

If you want to gift a present that your family and friends can enjoy throughout the year, go with Hot Cherry Pillows. Why not send our comforting pillows to friends and relatives that you couldn’t meet with this year. Take advantage of our free shipping and use the Code: LOVE20 to receive 20% off this winter.

Order Your Hot Cherry Pillows TODAY

Showing love and appreciation toward your loved ones is not restricted to the holiday season, but the holiday gift-giving tradition is a great way of telling them you care.

Don’t wait! Go to the ‘SHOP Pillows’ page on our website, and place your orders.

December 24, 2021 by J'Nelle Holland

The Perfect Holiday Gift for all your Loved Ones

The Perfect Holiday Gift for all your Loved Ones

The holiday season is upon us, and the spirit of festivity and merrymaking have engulfed us. And, that feeling is amazing! It’s all about enjoying the company of family and friends, sharing traditional meals, and of course, exchanging gifts. 

Between revamping the house for the holidays and deciding the menu for the get-togethers, there are endless things that need your attention. The biggest task is finding the perfect gift for each of your loved ones. Sometimes finding a thoughtful and practical gift for everyone in your circle can be a bit overwhelming. 

Luckily, we have got your back! Our Hot Cherry Pillows are sure to a hit at your gift exchange. They come in different sizes and are great for your five-year-old kid as well as your sixty-five-year-old grandparents. Why? Because nobody ever said NO to warm, toasty hugs from a comfy pillow that smells like cherry pie. 

A Gift with Many Benefits

The hug-friendly, cuddle-approved Hot Cherry Pillows do more than warm your loved ones on cold winter nights. 

  • Soothing comfort from everyday aches and pains. Whether you have exceeded your 10,000 steps for the day and your feet, need some TLC, or the chilly weather is causing your back pain to act up, microwave your Hot Cherry Pillow and relax and relieve the stress. Chiropractors and massage therapists have recommended Hot Cherry Pillows for pain relief.
  • Much-needed relief from arthritis pain and sports injuries. From increasing circulation (when heated) to reducing swelling (when chilled), our Cherry Pillows are great for easing chronic aches and joint pains when warmed. 
  • Naptime friend to your kid. It is hard not to fall asleep while hugging a toasty Hot Cherry Pillow. It is great for toddlers and tweens – it acts as a small body pillow for the baby and helps relax the muscles and calm the mood of a tween. 
  • Blessing for mommies-to-be. The bodies of expectant mothers go through a lot of stress. The aromatic warmth of a Hot Cherry Pillow comes in handy. It releases muscle stress by promoting circulation and alleviating pain, allowing the mommy-to-be to relax and get adequate sleep. Our pillow is useful during breastfeeding, too, as moist heat compresses help the milk to flow.

    Hot Cherry Pillows
  • Pain relief from menstrual cramps. Chocolates, yoga, back massages – you have tried everything to ease period cramps. They work sometimes, and sometimes they don’t. One effective way of eliminating the debilitating period pain is moist heat. Heating pads can be uncomfortable and unsafe, and their dry heat does not address the deep pain like moist heat. So, switch to microwavable Hot Cherry Pillows – they are safe and oh, so soothing. 
  • Stress buster. As much as we want to stay away from stress, it sneaks in occasionally, especially during the holidays. Pain in the back, shoulders, and neck are common tell-tale signs of being stressed. The therapeutic cherry pillows not only provide muscle relaxation but also help you drift to sleep. Used during meditation they promote calm and peace. 

Your Loved Ones Deserve the wholesome Goodness of Hot Cherry Pillows.

So, stop browsing mindlessly in the hopes of stumbling upon a WOW gift for your family and friends because you have already found one – Hot Cherry Pillows.

Get one for your people, and watch their faces light up with big smiles when they unwrap your present and try it for the first time!

Happy Holidays! 

November 30, 2021 by J'Nelle Holland

Hot Cherry Pillows & Autumn Nights

October 20, 2021 by J'Nelle Holland

Hospice, Palliative Care and Hot Cherry Pillows

red denim square pillow
When our loved ones reach the end of their time here on earth, the angel like caregivers from Hospice are there to comfort them. We honor the work of Hospice and caregivers of all kinds for their selfless service to our most vulnerable citizens, especially now during the coronavirus. Many of the ICU patients will not be able to be with family and hospital nurses may be the ones who are there at the end of life, acting as hospice care.

Hot Cherry supports Hospice for all the loving care and good works that they do, by donating Hot Cherry pillows to Hospice care facilities in the US and Canada.
A little red denim square pillow can be a great comfort for those who are weak and bedridden. Because they don’t move around much, their circulation is poor and they tend to get cold easily. Warm cherry pillows give them much needed warmth and stimulate circulation; bringing oxygen and blood flow to extremities. A cherry pit cushion is much safer than a heating pad because it gradually cools down, and it is cordless, making it far easier to use. Our pillows not only warm the body, but they  can also help with chest and sinus congestion, tummy aches and sore necks. Moist heat is often recommended for arthritis pain, neuropathy due to diabetes, and for the pain of muscle and joint soreness.

Every year we work with various hospice care facilities by having a February fundraiser opportunity. We offer 25% of our sales when their supporters buy Hot Cherry Pillows for themselves or for the caregivers.

Be a supporter, and buy a heart shaped pillow and send it to your favorite caregiver or hospice patient.

heart shaped pillow

June 26, 2019 by J'Nelle Holland