Hot Cherry Pillows Baby Shower Gift

Labor Day is here for everyone, and just around the corner for some moms-to-be. Make sure that your favorite expecting mom is comfortable with an assortment of Hot Cherry pillows. Hot Cherry pillows make excellent baby shower gifts, and several sizes will give the new mom various ways to relax and sleep comfortably.

Being pregnant puts stress on the lower back and hip muscles. With the pull of the added baby weigh, the muscles in the lower back and hips are challenged and stretched to their limits. Relax those back muscles with a Double Square Hot Cherry pillow that eases the strain of overworked back muscles and allows them to relax. Penetrating moist heat increases circulation and brings fresh oxygen and blood flow to these areas. This takes the edge off the pain by releasing muscle spasms, and helps mom get some much-needed rest. With a warm Hot Cherry Neck Wrap around her neck and a Hot Cherry Triple Square at her back, the mommy-to-be can now take it easy and relax. Relax pregnancy mom pillow.

When nighttime comes, it’s important for the pregnant mom to get deep sleep. Warm the bed sheets with a Hot Cherry pillow, then move the pillow to wherever support is needed. Put a Hot Cherry pillow along the spine, between knees or hips.  The penetrating moist heat releases the stress on overextended muscles, increasing circulation and relaxation. The wonderful aromatic heat therapy can relieve aches and pains, and help mother drift off to sleep. We say Hot Cherry pillows are “Best in Bed” because insulated under a down comforter they can stay warm all night. Hot Cherry pillows promote relaxation and sleep. Hot, warm, cold or room temperature, Hot Cherry pillows can be used in various places on the body to help mom get comfortable in bed.

Remember, if the body craves cool, a chilled Hot Cherry pillow can lower body temperature and make the “hottest momma” cool and relaxed. Keep some Hot Cherry pillows in the freezer so they’re chilled and ready when needed.

Always consult your healthcare provider before using Hot Cherry pillows during pregnancy. Heating directly on the baby bump may not be advised, in some situations.

Hot Cherry pillows are used by midwives as heat compresses during birthing. The moist heat of the small Eye Pillows relaxes the muscles around the outside of the birth canal. And according to the midwives who use them, one of the best features is that they’re washable and reusable.

And after giving birth, Hot Cherry pillows are still very useful. Moist heat compresses are often recommended to encourage mother’s milk to flow. Hot Cherry pillows are easy to use, no wet dripping towels, just a couple of minutes in the microwave and a Hot Cherry moist heat compress will gently help to “bring in the milk.”

As support under arms while nursing, or for warming the baby’s crib or feet, Hot Cherry pillows will become family favorites right from the beginning. So, when wondering what you can give a Mom-to-be, remember the comfort and usefulness of Hot Cherry pillows!
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June 26, 2019 by J'Nelle Holland

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