Enjoy Pain-Relief and Comfort with The Hot Cherry Rectangular/Cervical Neck Pillow


Tech neck seems almost inevitable nowadays. Between all the time we spend scrolling through social media and hunching over our laptops, our neck experiences severe distress. Fortunately, there are ways to soothe the pain. If you need momentary relief, there is nothing like cracking your neck or wrapping a heating pad around it. But for those looking for a more effective solution that offers long-term results, swapping out your regular pillow will do the trick.

Here’s what you should use instead: A cervical neck pillow.

Ask any chiropractor and they will tell you that using the right pillow is key if you want to alleviate your neck pain and sleep well.

Although the process of buying a pillow is quite simple, some people tend to overcomplicate it by considering multiple factors. Ideally, you should pick a pillow that keeps your neck in a neutral position, which helps restore its natural curve. If your pillow keeps your neck and spine from being in a neutral position, it can lead to soreness, cervical pain, stiffness, headaches, arm pain, and more, due to the constant tension on your cervical neck muscles.

The Hot Cherry Cervical Neck Pillow is designed to maintain the proper alignment of your cervical spine. When you sleep on your back, the center of your head is lined up perfectly with the center of your pelvis and sternum.

If you suffer from tech neck or any other type of neck pain, it is recommended that you avoid sleeping on your stomach as it strains your neck, upper back as well as the head. Sleep on your back or on either side for effective results.

What Is a Cervical Neck Pillow?

In simple terms, a cervical pillow is designed to support your neck and keep your cervical spine aligned. Specially shaped to keep your neck and head at the proper angles, it helps you sleep more comfortably at night. Without a cervical pillow, your sleep at night could be a source of neck and back pain during the day.

How To Use a Cervical Neck Pillow?

Although a cervical neck pillow is meant to be used for cervical support, it also has various other uses. Here are a few ways in which you can use it:
Lumbar support: When placed against your back, our cervical neck pillow can keep your ears, shoulders, and hips in alignment and maintain the natural curvature of your spine.
Soothe tummy cramps: You can warm up the pillow in the microwave and use it as a heating pad to soothe tummy cramps.
On your chest: You can use the pillow for warmth on your chest.

Available in Two Different Fabrics

The Hot Cherry Rectangular/Cervical Neck Pillow is available in red and tan ultra-suede. It now comes in a box, with a window so that you can feel the fabric before you buy. This feature is also very useful for retailers selling Hot Cherry Pillows.
Now, it is also available in unbleached, pre-washed natural denim, including..."drum roll"... two different pillowcases! They include the ever-popular "cherry print case" and the new, polished cotton "cherry blossom case!"

Our Cervical Neck Pillow Is Chiropractor-Recommended!

Need another reason to buy our cervical neck pillow?

The Hot Cherry Rectangular/Cervical Neck Pillow is a chiropractor-recommended sleep aid. It is inspired and recommended by Dr. Jacob Martin, DC, a celebrated chiropractor who is the founder and lead clinician of Inner Strength Chiropractic, in Santa Barbara specializing in prenatal, family, and lifestyle care. He doesn’t just recommend our cervical neck pillow to his patients but also uses it himself!

For an informative video of why and how to use Hot Cherry Cervical Pillows watch Dr Martin’s youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U_N1dYTDVg

Browse through our website to learn more about our all our pillows: https://www.hotcherrypillows.com/

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