Some of us may not be big fans of colder months. The dropping temperatures make daily chores, like walking the dog challenging. But there are plenty of reasons why we look forward to the season (YES, we counted the lined-up holidays, too). Who doesn’t like snuggling with their loved ones and sipping hot chocolate while marveling at the snowy winter landscape?

Our Hot Cherry Pillows make your winter snuggles even more cozy-comfy. Just like the dozens of reasons to get excited about winter, there are ample reasons to love our clean, dried cherry-pit-filled pillows that are one hundred percent sustainable.

Here are a few ways of making the most of your Hot Cherry Pillows this winter season:

Wintery Night Comfort

“Baby it’s cold outside” is an all-time favorite holiday song. What do you do when it is cold outside?

Heat a Hot Cherry Pillow in the microwave for a couple of minutes, then settle in bed or the living room sofa with one of our “snuggable” Hot Cherry pillows. You can either enjoy a holiday movie marathon with your family or read a book before shutting off for the night.

You can fall asleep with the pillow without worrying about getting burnt because a cherry pit pillow gradually cools down. In order to keep it warmer longer, wrap it in a down throw and place it under the covers, it potentially can keep your feet warm all night long.

Bedtime Invitation for the Kids

Getting excited and active kids into bed at bedtime can be a struggle for mamas. Let a Hot Cherry Pillow come to the rescue.

Read a bedtime story to your kids as they cuddle the toasty pillow. The huggable cherry pit pillow will relax them and help their bodies calm down from the day’s activities. A warm bed is very inviting to kids of all ages.

The best part, the pillow is suitable for kids of all ages! An eye pillow is perfect for an infant with a colicky tummy or a larger one to warm the chilly crib sheets before putting them down.

Comforting the Sick

It’s a, sad but true, fact that many people will be suffering from COVID-19 and its Delta and Omicron variants this winter. With coughs, chest colds, aching and chilly bodies, the moist penetrating heat of Hot Cherry Pillows can help relieve some of the pain and stress of being sick. Placed on a congested chess, or alongside chilly limbs, the warmth and weight of our relaxing pillows provide invaluable relief to anyone with this awful illness. A warm Hot Cherry pillow can be a true friend when someone is quarantined during this pandemic. Consider sending Hot Cherry Pillows to those in need of comforting, including the caregivers.

Melt Your Pain Away and Promote a Better Sleep

When you have achy joints, tendons and muscles, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. The healing combination of moisture and heat can alleviate the pain and discomfort of chronic pain. So, warm a Hot Cherry Pillow for comforting relief, warm up your chilly feet ,and finally doze off to a restful sleep. Unlike weighted blankets, our pillows won’t put unnecessary weight on your feet, and you get the same stress-reliving effect of the weight of the pits on your body. We suggest that you use one of our larger body pillows for more coverage.

Thoughtful Holiday Gifting

Hot Cherry Pillows take the stress out of holiday gift exchanges.

Their usability is not limited to colder months or relieving aches and pains with moist heat. They are the perfect cold therapy pillows, too. Cold therapy is usually recommended to reduce swelling.

If you want to gift a present that your family and friends can enjoy throughout the year, go with Hot Cherry Pillows. Why not send our comforting pillows to friends and relatives that you couldn’t meet with this year. Take advantage of our free shipping and use the Code: LOVE20 to receive 20% off this winter.

Order Your Hot Cherry Pillows TODAY

Showing love and appreciation toward your loved ones is not restricted to the holiday season, but the holiday gift-giving tradition is a great way of telling them you care.

Don’t wait! Go to the ‘SHOP Pillows’ page on our website, and place your orders.

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