4 New Year’s Resolutions

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Let 2021 be the Year of Self-Care

However challenging 2020 may have been, the hopeful feeling associated with a new year is addictive.We are all cautiously optimistic about what 2021 has in store. One of the popular traditions of ringing in the New Year is making resolutions and setting goals. New Year resolutions about self-care for January are by far the most popular.If your New Year’s resolution slate is still clean, here are some suggestions for your consideration.

Focus on Your Mental Health

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health has and will continue to be a global concern. Pandemic or not,nurturing your mental health is of utmost importance. Promise yourself to take stock of your mental health state.Speak with a therapist if you feel too anxious or stressed and cannot open up to friends and family. You can also consider joining a support group.Both can be done from the safety of your own home. Apart from that, you can begin journaling;writing about things that are bothering you is a proven way to manage stressful thoughts.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Most of us aren’t intentional about our sleep. Some of us go to bed but spend time scrolling through social media pages or binging shows. If you have trouble sleeping, consider a resolution to change this habit. Let 2021 be the year when you work on your sleep pattern. Getting a good eight hours of sleep every night will work wonders for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Invest in a good quality mattress and feel-good pillows, like Hot Cherry Therapeutic Pillows. Warm a Hot Cherry pillow and place it in your bed before retiring. The warmth relaxes your body and brings increased circulation to chilly toes, helping you relax and drift off to sleep.

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Keep Some Physical Activity in Your Schedule

Working out may not top the list of your New Year’s resolutions,but adding more activity or movement to your daily routine is a good thing. Your body, mind, and soul need that. If working out alone bores you, do it with a friend or a family member. Motivate and have each-other’s back.But don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Try to keep it simple, fun, and interesting. If you develop soreness from over exersion, relax those muscles with Hot Cherry Pillows. Take walks in Nature to restore your eyes and stretch your legs from a sedintary lifestyle or from having to stare at a computer for hours on end.

Eat Better but Don’t Starve Yourself

Every New Year, the most common resolution is to lose weigh, and to get in shape. Be sure to set specific goals for you to aspire to. The best way to do that is to eat healthier foods and measure proportions. Avoid restrictive diets or major eating plan overhauls, just balanced, nutritious meals. Add more greens and fruits to your meals. Try new recipes, for your favorite dishes that have less salt or sugar. And drink more water!

There you have it, a few New Year’s resolutions about self-care for January. Follow these for the entire year, and you will surely be taking much better care of yourself.

And if you don’t already have some, Hot Cherry Therapeutic Pillows will be the perfect addition to your self-care kit. Get some today!

January 13, 2021 by J'Nelle Holland

The Season of Comfort and Joy!

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      A Unique Gifting Idea For The Holiday Season - Hot Cherry Pillows!

Everyone could do with more cheer this holiday season! 2020 has been an extremely challenging year for people around the country, courtesy of the coronavirus. So, how about bringing some warmth and joy to the homes of your loved ones by gifting all those on your holiday list with a Hot Cherry Pillow? Our pain-relief and relaxation-wonder makes for a great gift for mom, dad, co-worker, teens and even for grandma.

Why Gift Hot Cherry Pillows?

If you love someone, you probably want to gift them something that makes their life easier and a bit better for them. A thoughtfully-chosen gift speaks volumes about how much you care for a person. It makes them smile. It makes them think fondly of you.

Choosing a Hot Cherry Pillow for a loved one is a testament to the fact that you care for their health and comfort. These pillows are filled with sustainable cherry pits that retain heat when warmeda few minutes in a microwave. The moist heat can then be applied to chronic injuries and aching muscles. Hot Cherry Pillows don’t only have a feel-good factor attached to them; they actually also work on those pesky everyday aches and pains, by increasing circulation that promotes healing.

For instance, does your brother work at hard physical labor? Then a Hot Cherry Pillow might come in extremely handy on those overused shoulder and back muscles. The heat emanating from the pillow helps loosen up stiff joints and also causes enhanced blood circulation in the affected areas, restoring ease and comfort of movement.

People now working remotely are complaining about neck and shoulder pain because of hunching over their systems all day. Young mom’s and dad’s who juggle both work and childrearing will welcome our pain-relieving pillows at the end of those long hectic days.

Expecting moms appreciate having warm relaxing pain relief for over-stretched tummy and back muscles. A Hot Cherry Pillow can help moms-to-be drift off to sleep. Even kids will jump into bed when they have a warm pillow to clutch or warm their cold toes, it helps them wind down from their active day.

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Grand parents are often hard to find gifts for because they already have everything, but they might really need Hot Cherry Pillows to help with the aches and pains that come with age. Moist heat is recommended for arthritis pain, poor curculation and for neuropathy pain. Give the elders in your family comfort and joy of a Hot Cherry Pillow this year!

If you have a loved one suffering from overwork and stress, gift them a Hot Cherry Pillow ASAP! Why let them lose sleep and suffer from pain when there is such an easy alternative?

With winter knocking at your door, snuggling with our relaxing, warm Hot Cherry Pillow is like heaven on earth. Whether it’s to warm your shoulders by the fireplace with the family feeling all Christmas-y or hunkering-down with a pile of comforters to make the best of the long cold nights, a Hot Cherry Pillow can take your relaxation time to a whole new level. (Be sure to have one under the tree for yourself!)

So, if you are thinking about raising people’s spirits with uplifting messages and comforting well wishes this holiday season, take it a notch higher with the gift of comfort––Hot Cherry Pillows!

December 14, 2020 by J'Nelle Holland

Every Gal’s Moon-Cycle Best Friend

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Period Pains? Our Hot Cherry Pillows Are Exactly What You Need!

As if bleeding and the mood swings were not enough, cramps can really make it difficult for millions of women to function during that time of the month. We have all used various remedies to deal with the incoming pain, from chocolates, back massages, sleeping in a fetal position, taking supplements, to trying out yoga, most of us have tried ‘em all.

However, one pain management strategy definitely stands out from all the rest — that of applying moist heat on the back and in the abdominal area when cramps strike hard. This technique has been passed down from generation to generation and it has stood the test of time when it comes to eliminating period pains.

One of the most effective ways to use moist heat for pain relief from menstrual cramps is with the help of our microwavable Hot Cherry Pillows. When heated the cherry pits in our pillows produce penetrating, moist heat that relaxes muscle tension like nothing else. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never want to be without your Hot Cherry Pillows.

They will provide you with years of sweet relief from menstrual pain, as well as comfort  many other times when you just want warmth, relaxation and even stress relief!

Given that it is a natural alternative to painkillers, it’s cost-effective, durable, and can be chilled in the freezer or heated depending upon the varied therapeutic needs of the user, retailers who join our affiliates program might stand to benefit a lot on the business front by stocking up their shelves with this innovative product:

Hot Cherry Pillows For Period Pans

Our pillows are filled with sustainably-sourced cherry pits that have deep relaxation properties when heated. Unlike hot water packs which can get scalding hot easily, hot cherry pillows deliver soothing, moist heat to your pain points, thus effectively reducing pain in a safe manner and also facilitating better blood flow to the uterus.

When heat is applied on the skin, the pain receptors slow down while the heat receptors become more activated. This is why most women find relief almost immediately upon using hot cherry pillows during their periods. In addition to this, abnormal uterine contractions are believed to cause excessive cramping and pain in many women on the first day of menstruation. A Hot Cherry Pillow is able to deliver moist penetrating heat, that goes deep into the muscles, and relaxes them by increasing circulation in the area which ultimately causes the contractions to gradually disappear.

Women around the world love our Hot Cherry Pillows as they can carry them wherever they go - to the dorm, office, sofa and also to bed. Moreover, these are available in a variety of sizes so one can easily select a large one that that soothes their back and also one for their stomach, especially when they’re having trouble sleeping because of pain.

Want to offer this wonderful pain relief solution to your female customer base? Explore the lucrative benefits of being a Hot Cherry Affiliate today.
October 26, 2020 by J'Nelle Holland

How to Identify the Signs of Stress in Your Body

3 Common Physical Effects of Too Much Stress on Your Body

Stress does not exactly have a fixed set of universal causes and effects. People experience stress differently and for various reasons. For some, it may be work-related, while for others, it could be a result of family issues. What causes one person to become stressed may be of little or no concern to another. In the same way, we all handle stress differently, some of us being better at it than others. However, in small amounts, stress is not all bad. Often, it is a motivator that’s essential to survival, and our bodies can easily handle it. But long-term, stress tends to manifest itself in the form of physical effects on the body that could lead to  chronic problems. Here are some of them:

  • Headache
  • Headache is one of the most common physical symptoms of stress. In a study,it was found that around 45% people experienced some stressful situation before their chronic headache set in. It is a condition that is characterized by pain the head as well as the neck region. It can range from mild to severe, with the latter often rendering the person incapable of engaging in daily activities. 

  • Tense and Aching Muscles
  • Another condition often associated with increased levels of stress is musclepain, simply from tensed-up muscles. It can keep you from going about your everyday work, making you feel weak and fatigued. However, it may notonly affect your physical health but your mental health as well. Even if the pain is not too severe, it can still make you feel low and dispirited. 

  • Low Energy
  • We all have those days when we feel like all the energy has been drained out of our body.Decreased energy levels can sometimes make it hard to even get out of bed in the morning. It could be a sign of a chronic stressed-out state, or depression. Stress is a common cause of both emotionaland physical exhaustion. 

    If you are suffering from any of these symptoms of stress, it will surely make you happy to know that there are effective ways of restoring balance to your stressed-out body. Our Hot Cherry® Pillows are recommended by certified master therapistsas a way of relieving stress and allowing you to relax. The weight and moist heat penetrate deep into the body, fostering pain relief, relaxation and increased circulation directed to tight muscles. Sleep with our cherry pit cushion under your neck, on your chest, or over your eyes and forehead and you will immediately experience its therapeutic effects. Learn more about Hot Cherry® Pillows and the stress-relieving properties of cherry-pit-filled pillows here.

    September 20, 2020 by J'Nelle Holland

    We Make Pillows that Help People Feel Better

    cherry pit pillows
    It’s not just any product, not a knickknack, nor a consumable. We’re proud that we make a product that actually adds value to people’s lives.

    During this pandemic Amazon considers cherry pit pillows among the essentials that are being shipped out because people are stressed, scared, over burdened and aching to the bone. Some are suffering from the coronavirus, and some are professional caregivers. Everyone can benefit from our comforting pillows. And Hot Cherry Pillows can to be shipped to your door in a matter of days.

    Our Hot Cherry Pillows can help in these ways:

    Aching back and legs, either from standing on them for hours or from couch commuting, overused or underused muscles both benefit from moist heat treatments. I like putting a heated Triple Square Pillow under my raised legs. The heat relaxes stiff hamstrings and muscles, while the elevation reduces the swelling of ankles. Conversely, you can chill that same pillow and enjoy a cold version for inflammation reduction and leg cramp relief.

    Headaches and Migraines respond well to hot or cold application of our Hot Cherry Eye Pillow. The weight of the pits sink into eye sockets and bring their soothing comfort deep into the muscles surrounding the eyes, relaxing and reducing pressure. Blocking out light allows the eyes and the body to calm down and rest a bit.  Hot or cold, relief is sweet. And you just may escape the kids for a 20+ minute treatment.

    Many people rely on massage for stress relief. Since many spas are closed, you can give yourself a weighted moist heat treatment with one or several Hot Cherry Pillows placed on chest, legs, shoulders or neck pain. The weight and moist heat relax muscle groups, increases circulation, which encourages you to center yourself in calm relaxation, much like a weighted blanket, without weighing down your feet.

    Remember that when you heat your Hot Cherry Pillow in the microwave, it is sterilized, making it safe to use with various members of the family. And when it no longer smells delicious, then simply wash in the washing machine and dry in the dryer, to restore its original lovely aroma of cherry pie.

    Self Care goes right along with Staying Safe, Staying Home and doing your part to help curb the contagion of Covid-19. We think that having several Hot Cherry Pillows available for family members is essential, during the pandemic, and we hope that you do too.

    Thinking of how you can help others? Send them a Hot Cherry Pillow gift to comfort their aches and pains, and to cuddle with during long lonely nights.
    August 14, 2020 by J'Nelle Holland

    Cherry Ice® is the Coolest New Thing... from Hot Cherry®!

    cherry pit neck wrap
    Cherry Ice pillows are just like Hot Cherry pillows, only limited to

    3 sizes, all blue, and they come in a zip-close freezer bag.

    Now on Sale, While Supplies Last!

    When you need an ice pack quick, go to the freezer and pull out a Cherry Ice pillow. It’s way cooler than frozen peas because it never gets wet or soggy, and it molds around joints and other body parts. Bringing coolness without the burn of ice, it helps to reduce swelling. Rest a chilled eye pillow on tired eyes, for headaches or fever. If you suffer from hot flashes or just a heat wave, try a chilled cherry pit neck wrap around your neck to relax with cool relief. Cherry Ice is a great way to lower your body temperature fast!

    Physical therapists and chiropractors agree that Cherry Ice, though not as cold as gel packs, have enough coldness to help reduce swelling without the discomfort of burning ice. When you experience a sports injury or a pulled muscle from working in the garden, rely on the gentle relief of our Cherry Ice sports injury pillows to counteract inflammation. Kids injuries respond well to subtle icing. When chronic injuries surface again and you need to alternate cold and hot applications, then you can count on Cherry Ice pillows to be microwaved as well as chilled.

    The same great Michigan Montmorency cherry pits are inside Cherry Ice® as in all our Hot Cherry therapeutic pillows. Use them cold when needed, or warm them for therapeutic moist heat. Either way, relief is sweet.  Cherry Ice comes in three different sizes: 10” square, an eye pillow, and a lightweight neck wrap. The fabric is 100% cotton denim, dyed with a natural blue-indigo dye. Each pillow comes with its own reusable plastic, zip-close freezer bag to keep your pillow clean when it’s in the freezer next to drippy ice cream containers.

    Store a couple in the freezer so you always have a cold pack ready for life’s little bumps and twists. It can go from the freezer to the microwave, no problem, and like all our cherry pillows they're completely machine washable.

    Cherry Ice® is on sale now while supplies last. Hurry now to get your Cherry Ice cold packs, and...

    “Be Really Cool” this summer!



    June 30, 2019 by J'Nelle Holland

    Hospice, Palliative Care and Hot Cherry Pillows

    red denim square pillow
    When our loved ones reach the end of their time here on earth, the angel like caregivers from Hospice are there to comfort them. We honor the work of Hospice and caregivers of all kinds for their selfless service to our most vulnerable citizens, especially now during the coronavirus. Many of the ICU patients will not be able to be with family and hospital nurses may be the ones who are there at the end of life, acting as hospice care.

    Hot Cherry supports Hospice for all the loving care and good works that they do, by donating Hot Cherry pillows to Hospice care facilities in the US and Canada.
    A little red denim square pillow can be a great comfort for those who are weak and bedridden. Because they don’t move around much, their circulation is poor and they tend to get cold easily. Warm cherry pillows give them much needed warmth and stimulate circulation; bringing oxygen and blood flow to extremities. A cherry pit cushion is much safer than a heating pad because it gradually cools down, and it is cordless, making it far easier to use. Our pillows not only warm the body, but they  can also help with chest and sinus congestion, tummy aches and sore necks. Moist heat is often recommended for arthritis pain, neuropathy due to diabetes, and for the pain of muscle and joint soreness.

    Every year we work with various hospice care facilities by having a February fundraiser opportunity. We offer 25% of our sales when their supporters buy Hot Cherry Pillows for themselves or for the caregivers.

    Be a supporter, and buy a heart shaped pillow and send it to your favorite caregiver or hospice patient.

    heart shaped pillow

    June 26, 2019 by J'Nelle Holland

    Best Gift for Kids (that’s Actually Mom’s Secret Weapon)

    child holding hot cherry pillow

    From newborns to teens, kids of all ages love Hot Cherry pillows. There’s something about the crunchiness, the weight and the huggability of a Hot Cherry pillow that simply relaxes kids into another space.

    If you’ve ever put a sleeping baby down on a cold crib sheet only to have him or her wake up, it’s because that cold crib is nothing like your warm body. However, if you warm the sheets before with a Hot Cherry pillow, then move it aside and cuddle their little body with it, then baby thinks, “hum, nice warm body next to me”. And unlike heating pads, the Hot Cherry pillow gradually cools down, making them safe to leave in the crib. It’s a small body pillow for baby.

    Sadly, I’ve had a personal experience with hospital-applied baby heal warmers filled with chemical gels that actually burned a baby’s feet. That will never happen with Hot Cherry pillow for baby. That’s why warming baby’s feet or anyone’s feet for that matter is safely and quickly done with a warm Hot Cherry pillow.

    Active kids are rarely willing to jump into bed at bedtime. It can often be a struggle to get them to go to sleep. But your new secret weapon can be a Hot Cherry. Place one in kids’ beds to warm their feet, or let them cuddle a warm Hot Cherry pillow as you tell a bedtime story. The penetrating warmth relaxes their tired little bodies and helps them calm down from the days' activities. The weight on a kid’s chest settles them. Hot Cherry pillows can be a good babysitter, while you prepare other kids or things during the bedtime routine.

    My little granddaughter runs hot, so she likes to cuddle a cold pillow. That’s a very different approach to relaxing at bedtime than I’m used to, but everybody is different. It’s nice to know that Hot Cherry pillows can be relaxing whether they’re hot or cold. And if one of the kiddos has a fever and chills, a cold Hot Cherry eye pillow on the forehead and a warm square on the chest, can really help them feel better fast.

    Keep a couple of Hot Cherry pillows in the freezer for life’s little bumps and booboos. So if your child twists an ankle or bangs a knee, quickly apply a chilled sports injury pillow to prevent the swelling. Cherry Ice won’t have the burn of gel ice packs nor the wet messiness of frozen peas, yet they easily mold around joints. Wrap a towel around the pillow to insulate it and elevate the foot. It is always good to have a couple of Cherry Ice pillows in the freezer for emergencies.

    Young athletes, dancers and explorers often use their muscles to the max. Relaxing with Hot Cherry pillows will calm overused muscles with warmth or chilled pillows can prevent swelling. A chilled pillow can go directly into the microwave if you need to alternate hot with cold, no problem.

    body pillow for baby

    Teen and tween girls are often bothered by painful monthly cramps and lower back pain. Ease their time with Hot Cherry pillows on the tummy and lower back. The penetrating heat of the cherry pit cushion relaxes muscle spasms, increases circulation, and takes the edge off her pain. A warm Hot Cherry pillow can provide a good deal of comfort and a time for her to cuddle up and nurture herself.

    When kids are away at camp, boarding school or college, homesickness can come on them especially at bedtime. Be sure to pack them a couple of Hot Cherry pillows to keep them company and remind them of the warmth of home.

    No matter what age, Hot Cherry pillows are one of the best problem-solvers for kids and babies. Anytime there is a problem, physical or emotional, Hot Cherry pillows are ready in a couple of minutes to calm muscles and moods. Be sure to have at least one for every “kiddo” in your household.

    For holiday or birthday gifts, when you just don’t know what to give the kid that has everything, the tween that’s so hard to find something they might like, give them a Hot Cherry pillow of their own. You may be surprised at how well-loved their Hot Cherry pillow will be. Give the gift of warmth and love. They’ll always remember who gave it to them.

    child holding hot cherry pillow

    June 26, 2019 by J'Nelle Holland

    What Is a Hot Cherry Pillow?

    cherry pillowsDo you know what a Cherry Pit Pillow is? 

    It’s a pillow filled with clean, dried cherry pits. When heated they deliver moist penetrating heat. Place them on tight muscles, tummy aches or just to warm beds.

    Just about everybody has heard about microwavable pain relievers like buckwheat pillows, or socks filled with rice, corn, flax or other herbal pillows. However, few people in America have heard about cherry pillows. They are, in fact, a Swiss tradition. Foundry workers of ole used heated cherry pit sacks to ease their sore muscles after long days at hard physical work.

    I have a friend who was raised in Switzerland, and she remembers her grandmother having a little door on the side of her wood-burning stove where she warmed sacks filled with cherry pits. Every night after dinner her grandmother would place the pit sacks in their beds. Covered with down comforters, those cherry pit sacks kept the family warm all snowy-night long.

    The trend soon spread to Germany, where they have their own term for a cherry pit pillow, Kirschkernkissen. I purchased my first cherry pit pack in London. So it’s safe to say that in much of the colder European countries, cherry pit filled pillows are well known and loved.

    Often I’m asked, “Who eats all those cherries to get those pits?” I’m proud to answer that our source of cherry pits are 100% from the most precious and favored Montmorency tart cherries. Every July when cherries come in season, the Montmorency cherries are pitted and juiced, as a nutritional supplement, that aids arthritis and sleep, because they contain high levels of antioxidants and melatonin. Instead of going to a landfill, those pits become part of a sustainable product, that are used in spa massage, chiropractic care and home health.

    Moreover, our pits are cleaned and dried with a patented process that uses only water and heat, no chemicals. I once ordered a cherry pit pillow from China and was shocked at the horrible chemical smell that almost ruined the microwave. You can be sure that our pits will never mold, smell subtly like cherry pie, are entirely machine washable, and will last for years. In fact, they get better with age as they get “broken-in”.

    Now you know what a cherry pit pillow is, here’s what makes Hot Cherry® pillows the best. We offer them in a variety of fabrics and sizes, from eye pillows to body pillows. Choose from natural-dyed 100% cotton denim or our plush maraschino ultra suede. That means that there’s a size and design that’s perfect for your body. We hope that you will relax and enjoy Hot Cherry pillows, warmed or chilled. We love that we make pillows that help people feel better.

    June 26, 2019 by J'Nelle Holland

    Labor Day and Pregnant Moms

    Hot Cherry Pillows Baby Shower Gift

    Labor Day is here for everyone, and just around the corner for some moms-to-be. Make sure that your favorite expecting mom is comfortable with an assortment of Hot Cherry pillows. Hot Cherry pillows make excellent baby shower gifts, and several sizes will give the new mom various ways to relax and sleep comfortably.

    Being pregnant puts stress on the lower back and hip muscles. With the pull of the added baby weigh, the muscles in the lower back and hips are challenged and stretched to their limits. Relax those back muscles with a Double Square Hot Cherry pillow that eases the strain of overworked back muscles and allows them to relax. Penetrating moist heat increases circulation and brings fresh oxygen and blood flow to these areas. This takes the edge off the pain by releasing muscle spasms, and helps mom get some much-needed rest. With a warm Hot Cherry Neck Wrap around her neck and a Hot Cherry Triple Square at her back, the mommy-to-be can now take it easy and relax. Relax pregnancy mom pillow.

    When nighttime comes, it’s important for the pregnant mom to get deep sleep. Warm the bed sheets with a Hot Cherry pillow, then move the pillow to wherever support is needed. Put a Hot Cherry pillow along the spine, between knees or hips.  The penetrating moist heat releases the stress on overextended muscles, increasing circulation and relaxation. The wonderful aromatic heat therapy can relieve aches and pains, and help mother drift off to sleep. We say Hot Cherry pillows are “Best in Bed” because insulated under a down comforter they can stay warm all night. Hot Cherry pillows promote relaxation and sleep. Hot, warm, cold or room temperature, Hot Cherry pillows can be used in various places on the body to help mom get comfortable in bed.

    Remember, if the body craves cool, a chilled Hot Cherry pillow can lower body temperature and make the “hottest momma” cool and relaxed. Keep some Hot Cherry pillows in the freezer so they’re chilled and ready when needed.

    Always consult your healthcare provider before using Hot Cherry pillows during pregnancy. Heating directly on the baby bump may not be advised, in some situations.

    Hot Cherry pillows are used by midwives as heat compresses during birthing. The moist heat of the small Eye Pillows relaxes the muscles around the outside of the birth canal. And according to the midwives who use them, one of the best features is that they’re washable and reusable.

    And after giving birth, Hot Cherry pillows are still very useful. Moist heat compresses are often recommended to encourage mother’s milk to flow. Hot Cherry pillows are easy to use, no wet dripping towels, just a couple of minutes in the microwave and a Hot Cherry moist heat compress will gently help to “bring in the milk.”

    As support under arms while nursing, or for warming the baby’s crib or feet, Hot Cherry pillows will become family favorites right from the beginning. So, when wondering what you can give a Mom-to-be, remember the comfort and usefulness of Hot Cherry pillows!
    Buy relax pregenent mom pillows.

    June 26, 2019 by J'Nelle Holland

    Caring for Your Hot Cherry Pillows

    Machine Washable Hot Cherry Pillow

    One thing I just love about Hot Cherry pillows is that they’re completely washable. Unlike rice, corn, buckwheat or other herbal pillows–– if they get wet, they could potentially grow mold––Hot Cherry pit pillows will never mold. The woody pits inside can be thoroughly washed and dried in household machines.

    If you’ve been using your pillows regularly, after a while they loose that lovely fresh cherry pastry smell. You should know that every time you use a microwave to warm your Hot Cherry pillow it is sterilized, so it may not need a washing for a long time.

    But after many nights of warming feet, or even if you share your pillow with your favorite furry friend, eventually your Hot Cherry pillows will need to be washed.

    One thing you must make sure of before you wash it is that there are no burn or scorch holes in your pillows. This can happen if your microwave turntable is not functioning as it should by making full rotations (see previous blog entry, Best Use of a Microwave, Ever). Even a little scorched spot will weaken the fabric and when it gets washed, could create a hole for the pits to escape. We absolutely don’t want you to open your washer or dryer and discover there are little pits everywhere. When you have determined that your pillow is in tact, inspected the seams and the surfaces, then you’re ready to put it in the washer.

    You might want to wash the red ultra suede pillows among dark clothes, just in case that red dye might have some bleed. We have made an effort to obtain the best quality fabric, but at extremely high temperatures, we have found some bleeding. (Red dyes are notoriously unstable.) Please use cold water to wash, and choose the gentle or delicate cycle. Our natural-dyed denim is thoroughly washed after dying, so there’s no problem there.

    If it’s a small blue or red denim square pillow in a large load, your pillow will clean nicely among clothing or linens. If you have several large pillows, like I recently did, then care must be taken to lay the pillows around the bottom of the washing machine in order to distribute the weight evenly. Then set it to cold water and delicate cycle. If you have a front-loading machine, nothing special is needed.

    I have found that you can easily dry them flat, on top of the dryer. Turn them over after a while and soon they’re good to go. Be sure not to put them away in a cabinet when they’restill wet. You may place them in the sun or hang them on the line.

    For drying in a dryer, again inspect your pillows to make sure all is strong, then toss them in with some big towels to protect them and lesson the fall. We use a couple of our big terry cloth bathrobes, for helping to dry our pillows. You might hear some unusual banging as the pillows hit the dryer sides, but don’t worry I’ve dried hundreds of them and they will be fine. It only takes a few minutes, so check frequently. When they’re dry, they smell fresh and sweet again.

    A note on “breaking” in your pillows: after washing and drying and even just after lots of use, you will find that the crunchiness of the new pillow’s contents has changed. After a while of tumbling against each other, the pits tend to round off their edges, and become round little balls. That’s when the pillows are “broken in” and the whole pillow experience is softer and rounder. They seem to roll around and mold easier around joints and muscles. We love them when they’re old and “broken in”!

    We sincerely hope that all of our customers enjoy their Hot Cherry pillows as much as our family does. We love our Hot Cherry pillows! And, we’d love to hear from you, especially if you have found some unusual uses for your Hot Cherry pillows. Photos and a little description just might make headlines in upcoming blogs!

    hot cherry pillow

    June 26, 2019 by J'Nelle Holland

    3 Most Unusual Ways to Use Hot Cherry® pillows

    Innovative Uses for Hot Cherry PillowsMany of our “Hot Cherry Lovers” have reported to us some very unusual ways that they use our pillows. Most people benefit from using them to stay warm in bed, to relieve muscle pain, and others like to use them cold, to relieve fever, headaches, and inflammation.

    I thought you might like to hear of a few very unusual ways that Hot Cherry pillows are being used by our customers.

    Perhaps you’ve read one of our reviews about the young mother with two screaming little boys that got into an argument and were inconsolable. She put a warm Hot Cherry pillow on her feet and he immediately stopped screaming and became unusually polite. “Thank you, Mommy”. The other boy asked for one too, and the fit was over. So calming kids drama and trauma with Hot Cherry pillows became a new Mommy’s little helper.

    We received a photo from a mom whose toddler had cold feet and they came up with an ingenious way to attach eye pillows to her little one’s feet. Cute as a button, and they warmed up those tootsies fast!

    One of our customers reports that she uses her Triple Square pillow as a tub backrest. Because our Hot Cherry pillows are completely washable, they can be used in the bathtub! “The cast iron tub is always so cold that I hate to lean back on it.” So while the tub is filling, she heats up a Hot Cherry pillow and lays it on the sloping back of the tub. Now leaning back is warm and the pits move into a shape that cradles her back in the warmth. That’s pretty ingenious, don’t you think?

    But the most unusual use that we’ve heard of is using Hot Cherry pillows as flotation pillows in a swimming pool during Watsu treatments. If you’re not familiar with this type of healing modality, Watsu is a combination of water and massage (water-shiatsu) in98-degree water. Relaxing in a floating position with a Double Square Hot Cherry pillow under your head gives you just enough support to feel confident about relaxing and floating.

    Most everyone knows we have sports injury pillows for sale. However, tying one around an aching rotator cuff was a new one for us. We got a photo from a customer showing how she used the ribbon from the packaging to secure the moist heat pillow to her upper arm. We love how creative our customers can be.

    It was in a swimming pool that we realized that Hot Cherry pillows actually float! Perhaps because the pits are hollow, and the ultra suede fabric is so tightly woven, that Hot Cherry pillows have become an unofficial floatation device. Not that we recommend them to be used this way, in fact, we do not. (Our insurance company would surely object.) It is in fact, the most unusual use we’d come across.

    If you have discovered an unusual use of Hot Cherry pillows that you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you. But remember, any other way than the recommended use and care that is written in our instructions, is done at your own risk. Be safe and take caution, and enjoy your Hot Cherry pillows your favorite way, everyday.

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    June 26, 2019 by J'Nelle Holland